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Articles about Kinsta

Do People Think Your Ecommerce Business Name Is ‘500 error’? Upgrade Your Web Hosting Now.

A hosting solution should not only keep your website up and running but also bring in those coveted conversions.

5 Deadly Landing Page Mistakes Sabotaging Your Results

Sending paid traffic to unoptimized landing pages is like scarfing down a Big Mac on your way to the gym. You’re undermining your own efforts!

Why Mobile-First Is the Only Design Worth Your Investment

There are many advantages to starting from scratch when building an optimized website. But two of the biggest that affect conversions and SEO — your information architecture and site speed.

Biggest WordPress Hosting Survey to Date, Kinsta “Top rated WordPress hosting”

CodeinWP's first WordPress hosting survey had one goal. It was to name the top recommended hosting company for WordPress.

Kinsta is an Excellent WordPress Hosting Solution

Kinsta offers managed, cutting-edge, high-performance WordPress hosting that’s focused on the needs of enterprises, high-traffic websites, and bloggers. Unlike general-purpose web hosting, Kinsta has the advantage of being able to configure their web servers to make WordPress as fast as possible.

Why Speed is Now Your Most Important Feature

Make your website profitable by focusing on website speed today. Kinsta will make a significant different out-of-the box tools you need to fine-tune your site even further.

Kinsta – WordPress As You’ve Always Dreamed

Kinsta makes your life managing WordPress sites much better. It allows you to run things more smoothly. It’s safer, stronger, faster. Yeah, it’ll pretty much turn you into a Superman or Superwoman at running your sites.

Kinsta Becomes First Managed WordPress Host Exclusively Powered By Google Cloud Platform And LXD Containers

Kinsta, the largest managed WordPress hosting firm in Europe, has revamped their infrastructure entirely and has become the first managed WordPress host exclusively powered by Google Cloud Platform.

2016 guide to free online SEO training courses

Speed is an increasingly important factor for achieving online success. Looking for a quick tutorial instead? Check out Kinsta's Beginner’s Guide to Website Speed Optimization.

6 Ways to Attract Return Visitors to Your Blog

Slow websites kill traffic. According to Kinsta, every one-second delay in loading time leads to a 16 percent decrease in customer satisfaction and an 11 percent drop in page views. Your visitors won’t be patient enough to return to a slow site.

Kinsta Review – High Performance WordPress Hosting

“All in all I couldn’t be happier with my migration to Kinsta. I think WP Engine has lost their focus when it comes down to those of us who really care about speed. I hope this Kinsta review gives you something to think about. I recommend giving them a try, you won’t be disappointed.”

WordPress Hosting Review 2016: The Results

“Kinsta allowed me to shut down many expensive VPS and hosting accounts and consolidate under 1 account at lower cost and much higher stability.” “The best host is the one you almost don’t even know about. I can almost forget where my blogs are hosted: they are fast, 100% available, and I don’t have to do anything.”