WordPress Hosting for Agencies

Join Kinsta’s Agency Partner Program and build, manage, and launch client sites with ease. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your sites are fast, safe, and secure. Join hundreds of other agencies who’ve chosen Kinsta as their hosting partner.

Our Agency Program is designed specifically for web and creative agencies that manage hosting for their client’s sites. If this sounds like you, get in touch!

Unlimited free migrations

Kinsta will take care of all of your site migrations no matter how complex. Whether you’re hosting a photographer’s portfolio site or a 100,000-product ecommerce store, they won’t experience any downtime when moving to Kinsta.

Free hosting for your agency site

As a Kinsta partner, your agency site is hosted for free on a Pro plan. You’ll get the same high-performance and secure hosting we provide to every Kinsta customer backed by our 5-star support team.

White labeled Clear Cache plugin

White-label the Kinsta-branded parts of your WordPress admin by adding your logo in a few minutes.

From day one Kinsta has provided us with a premium managed hosting solution; with new features being added regularly that continue to save us time, and ultimately money. It’s allowed us to continue to increase our client base without any degradation to the service our existing clients receive. We look forward to continuing to grow as an agency, alongside Kinsta as a valued partner, for many years to come.

Limited time offer

Get the equivalent of your first month of client site hosting on us when you sign up for any Agency plan. Avoid paying for two hosts while you migrate your sites to Kinsta with our special onboarding discount.

If you select annual billing, that’s 3 free months of Kinsta hosting. The first free month of hosting is a one-time offer applicable to new Kinsta customers only.

Promotion ends April 30, 2023

Other nice features we offer

30-day backup retention

By default, all of our agency plans include 30-day backup retention for every site you host. That means you’ll be ready to quickly fix any issues with your clients’ sites.

Extended hack fix guarantee

Every site hosted with Kinsta gets our Hack Fix Guarantee, but for our agencies we go the extra mile. Every site you migrate to Kinsta will get a thorough free malware cleaning and we’ll remove any malware your client sites pick up while they are hosted with Kinsta.

Unlimited team members

Whether your team is just you or you have 1,000 developers and designers working with you, there’s no charge for each user to have their own unique credentials. You can give developers access to all or individual sites and staging environments, and give your clients full control over their sites.

Highly customizable plans

Because every agency is different and each client may have different needs, every one of our plans is fully customizable. Whether you need more installs, more SSD space, or site visits, we’ll create a plan that works for you.

Smart site management tools

With Kinsta’s site transfer tool, site renaming, and site labelling, you can keep all your sites organized or transfer ownership with a few clicks.

Early access to new tools

As members of Kinsta’s agency partner program, you’ll have first-access to Beta tools. Test them and give feedback to have a direct influence on Kinsta’s new tools for agencies like yours.

Powerful MyKinsta dashboard

MyKinsta is equipped with a variety of powerful tools for managing your sites. Search and replace, enable WP_DEBUG, and more with just a few clicks. MyKinsta even comes with Kinsta APM, a free application performance monitoring tool for debugging slow WordPress sites.

Develop locally with DevKinsta

For developers and agencies, Kinsta offers a simple-to-use (but powerful) local development tool called DevKinsta. Launch WordPress sites with a full hosting stack and SSL support on your local computer with just a few clicks.

Get additional visibility and client inquiries by being listed on Kinsta’s Agency Directory. All agency partners are eligible to be listed and will receive an invitation to submit their information after they sign up for or switch to an Agency plan.


All plans include free migrations and a hack fix guarantee.

All the details

agency 1
$340 USD / Month
$3,400 USD / Year
agency 2
$450 USD / Month
$4,500 USD / Year
agency 3
$675 USD / Month
$6,750 USD / Year
WordPress installs
20 40 60
Monthly visits
400,000 600,000 1,000,000
SSD storage
50 GB 100 GB 150 GB
Free CDN
800 GB 1200 GB 2000 GB
PHP workers per site
6 6 8

Agencies love Kinsta

Find out why Motto Design Agency moved from managing their own hosting to using Kinsta.

Get agency WordPress hosting that understands your business needs

Web development is an industry loaded with opportunities for upsells and recurring revenue. Odds are your clients could benefit from services that go beyond basic design and development. That’s why WordPress hosting for agencies has become an integral service offering—since you’ve developed your clients’ sites, they’ll naturally turn to you to host them.

Reselling web hosting services comes with challenges.

Administering your own web server can be time-consuming and you need a certain level of expertise to keep your clients’ data safe, secure, and online. That’s why partnering with the right managed WordPress hosting solution, one that’s as obsessive about performance, security, and helping your agency scale—with competitive pricing that supports your profit margins—is non-negotiable.

Maintenance is on us

At Kinsta, we understand that hosting client sites adds an extra layer of responsibility to your workflow. That’s why we were one of the first managed WordPress hosts to use Google Cloud Platform, putting the power of Google’s scalability, state-of-the-art security, multi-regional deployment, and high-performance at your fingertips. We also take care of time-consuming server maintenance tasks so you can spend less time managing client sites and more time focusing on your core business.

It’s the one area of my business I know I don’t have to think about. The support is incredible, and everything about the platform is thoughtfully designed and incredibly easy to use, and my customers’ sites are safe and secure.

We’re constantly innovating

WordPress hosting for agencies is a maturing space with many hosting providers and a lot of innovation underway—and Kinsta is at the forefront of this change. We keep a close eye on Google Cloud Platform and other hosting technologies, always looking for new ways to further speed up and optimize agency sites.

Fast server-level caching

Benefit from fast server-level caching that’s fine-tuned for WordPress and delivers a perfect balance between performance and functionality for your clients’ sites.

Scalable infrastructure

Our scalable infrastructure is built entirely on Google Cloud Platform and is ready to handle sudden surges in traffic and load.

Continuous malware scans

We continuously run malware scans, support IP Geolocation blocking, and automatically ban abusive IPs. Free SSL, SFTP, SSH, HTTP/2 and A+ ratings on Qualys SSL Labs are standard across all hosting plans.

Six types of backup

Rest easy knowing your clients’ data is safe and secure with six types of backups, as well as an external backup add-on. Sites are automatically backed up daily and can be instantly rolled back in case of a problem.

Competitive pricing

Enjoy competitive pricing with hosting that’s built specifically for WordPress, and cloud infrastructure that’s very different from traditional shared, VPS hosting, or dedicated servers.

Kinsta’s infrastructure allows us to guarantee our clients a peace-of-mind that we haven’t been able to find anywhere else. I cannot overstate how good that feels.

Expert support from helpful humans who care

Providing fast and knowledgeable customer support is our modus operandi. Forget scripted replies. We have actual WordPress experts standing by, ready to help you 24/7

We speak fluent WordPress

No matter who you talk to on our support team, you’ll get someone experienced in troubleshooting and server maintenance.

The expertise of our support team is second to none

We only hire WordPress developers and Linux engineers and all clients have access to the same level of support. This means the team members assisting our Fortune 500 clients are the same people helping agencies on Business plans.

Get help in your preferred language

We offer multilingual support in Spanish, Dutch, French, German and Italian, Monday to Friday. Our dashboard and website are available in 10 languages so you can access our knowledge base, guides, and blog in your language.

Kinsta provides us with enormous relief in the daily routine of monitoring and maintaining a fast and secure WordPress website. There is no better feeling for our customers and us!

Photo of Patrick Cohen
Patrick Cohen from Red Factory
Screenshot of the the SkyrocketWP website

WordPress hosting for agencies just like yours

Managing more than 100 websites carries the potential for overwhelming tech support issues. But the switch to Kinsta has decreased our support tickets by roughly 50%. Our sites just work–they’re live, they’re fast, they’re protected, and they’re (expertly) supported. And that frees us to take care of our clients, which keeps them happy (98%+ retention rate) and our families fed! Kinsta frees me from spending time on things that are outside our wheelhouse. Kinsta’s ability to do what they do frees us to what we do in a way that far exceeds what we’ve experienced from other managed hosting companies.

We make developers happy

Get access to the tools your agency’s developers know and need.

We started to use Kinsta around 2016-2017 and that has proved to be a great decision. We used to struggle with different hosting services for years, which hurt our business and created a lot of additional work for our developers. Kinsta is the way to go for our company. Our developers do not need to worry about server issues, like whether the server security is up to date or anything like that. When we develop a site on our local environment, we know it is also going to work in production.

Familiar tools

SSH, SFTP, WP-CLI, Composer and Git are standard across all our hosting packages.


Use Kinsta’s own local development software. Push and pull directly to your MyKinsta dashboard.


Open source, in-memory data structure store, used as a database, cache and message broker.

Bedrock and Trellis

Custom development setups that make it easier to develop, maintain, and deploy WordPress sites.


WordPress starter theme that lets you build sites faster with a modern development workflow.


Set different versions of PHP for each live site and staging environment, and switch engines in one-click.

Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

Get detailed performance breakdowns and troubleshooting with our built-in APM tool.

Disk space add-on

Need more disk space for sites with large files? Add more storage to your plan from the dashboard.

One-click cloning

Make a copy of an entire site, including the database and all content and files.

Hosting features available with every plan

Reduce time spent on performance, security and maintenance tasks and spend more time focusing on your clients.

Free SSL certificates

Free Cloudflare SSL certificates, or install your own custom SSL certificates in the dashboard.

Security as a top priority

We use a Cloudflare firewall with DDoS protection, along with active and passive security measures to prevent unauthorized access to your data.

Self-healing PHP

If PHP goes down for any reason, we auto-restart it back up. If there’s a bigger issue, our sysadmin team is alerted.

Database optimizations

We run automatic fine-tuning of MySQL database once a week, based on the needs of your WordPress sites.

Uptime monitoring

We check the status of all sites we host every 2 minutes. That’s 720 checks every day.

Fast reaction time

Our uptime checks allow us to react to issues in real-time for proactive support before you contact us.

White-label cache plugin

Fine-tune full-page caching and CDN integration with the Kinsta MU plugin and white label Kinsta-branded parts of the admin.

Thousands of five-star ratings.
And counting.

Give Yourself a Free 20% Speed Boost Simply by Migrating to Kinsta

We measured 3,200+ migrations over the course of a three-month span. On average, client sites experienced 20% faster load times just by moving to Kinsta. Here’s how fast your site can run (and how slow the competition is):

  • From BlueHost to Kinsta: +39% improved page load times (avg.)
  • From Amazon AWS to Kinsta: +26% improved page load times (avg.)
  • From Digital Ocean to Kinsta: +26% improved page load times (avg.)
  • From Liquid Web to Kinsta: +32% improved page load times (avg.)
  • From Cloudways to Kinsta: +2% improved page load times (avg.)
  • From HostGator to Kinsta: +29% improved page load times (avg.)
  • From Dreamhost to Kinsta: +11% improved page load times (avg.)
  • From SiteGround to Kinsta: +13% improved page load times (avg.)
  • Other: +25% improved page load times (avg.)

How is this possible? Our customers enjoy:

Free migrations are available for all of Kinsta’s plans, from Starter to Enterprise, regardless of how many sites you have. Simply sign up for a plan to get started. Test the service and the speed risk-free, and we provide a 30-day money-back guarantee. You only lose if you don’t give this a try!

Get in touch to learn more about our hosting for agencies

Spend less time worrying about hosting, and more time growing your agency. Join Kinsta’s Agency Program today.

If you’re a current customer, please get in touch through the MyKinsta dashboard to ask about our Agency Program.

Please note, eligibility for this plan is reserved to customers who host and manage sites for their clients and market their services as an agency.

The agency’s own site hosted for free on these plans is limited to a Pro plan.

Our 30-day money-back guarantee starts from the moment of signup and runs through the free month. Cancellations between days 31 and 60 will get a prorated refund.

Discount on plans paid monthly is applied to your first month. Fees for an annual plan are charged when the account is created. The three-month-free discount is applied to the initial payment.

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