Free Course: The Basics of Maintaining Client Sites at Scale

Do you build websites for clients? Are you looking to increase your monthly recurring revenue? Offering website maintenance packages along with your site creation services are one of the best ways.

Course summary

Maintaining client sites could be a daunting task. Broken servers, crashing sites, and the worst – hacked sites. These are some of the horror stories you might experience. Good news: fundamental knowledge of site maintenance could help you navigate your way confidently. Learn our most effective steps on how to manage your client sites, including reliable tips to keep these sites safe and well-optimized.

About the course

Do you build websites for clients? Looking to increase your recurring revenue? Offering website maintenance packages along with your site creation services are one of the best ways. Learn the basics of scaling up your maintenance activities in this short video course. By the end, you should feel equipped to take on more clients without compromising quality!

Who is this course for?

This course is a handy guide for business owners, agencies, system administrators, or developers. It provides simple and easy steps on how to keep your client sites optimized and secured, including proactive tips on how to fix common site errors.


  1. Chapter 1: Introduction to the Video Course
  2. Chapter 2: Choosing the Right Providers
  3. Chapter 3: Backing Up Client Sites
  4. Chapter 4: Updating Client Sites
  5. Chapter 5: Securing Client Sites
  6. Chapter 6: Improving Site Performance
  7. Chapter 7: Troubleshooting Site Issues

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