Free Course: How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website

Learn top industry tips to speed up any WordPress website. This course will cover everything from small tweaks up to site-wide changes that will radically improve your website performance.

Course summary

A fast website is crucial, whether you blog, run a podcast, or sell online. Research shows that 80% of website visitors leave if a site takes more than 5 seconds to load — and your conversions decrease 7% for every 100ms of load time. Beyond that, Google and other search engines have increasingly prioritized speed as a ranking criterion. That means a slow site could negatively impact your SEO. In this course, you learn why site speed is important, as well as how you can improve performance, whether you’re a website owner or a web developer.

About the course

Learn actionable advice and tools to improve your website’s load time and performance. Understand the basics of website speed, including what affects your page load time, to enhance your knowledge about improving your site. And once you get the gist of it, follow our tried-and-tested techniques to get the very best performance from your site.

Who is this course for?

This course is great for website owners and developers. These lessons are designed to help all site owners level up their knowledge of site maintenance and performance optimization. While the later chapters cover more advanced development recommendations, anyone who follows the video lessons from the beginning should have the skills to implement all these tips by the end of the course. Business owners who manage their sites, agency owners who build sites for clients and developers in any size organization will all benefit from the information in this course.


  1. Chapter 1: The importance of site performance
  2. Chapter 2: Site content optimization
  3. Chapter 3: Caching and CDNs
  4. Chapter 4: Coding practices for a strong foundation
  5. Chapter 5: Speed tests and performance tracking
  6. Chapter 6: Next Steps and Exam

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