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We believe that successful communication does not end with a direct mail or an ad on Facebook. We believe in the power of the combination! For each project, we create the perfect mix of communication tools. This ensures that our solutions are always clear, relevant and above all, effective. Indrukwekkend started as a graphic intermediary in 2007 and is now a full-service marketing agency. Since our founding, we have had only one goal: to unburden our clients as much as possible. We advise, monitor and educate and in doing so strive for the highest attainable quality. In everything we do. And that is only possible by working together, because that is how we can really make progress.

Core values
What began as an intermediary in printing has grown into the agency that we are today. But our vision and purpose have never changed. We are still experts, each in his or her own field. We are constantly looking to improve and evolve. And as the team grows, the need for a clear identity and culture increases. Our identity shapes, connects and differentiates us. A clear culture where everyone feels comfortable. Comfortable, to bring the best out of ourselves. For ourselves, for the client and for Indrukwekkend.

An impressive team
Our team now consists of 17 quite different professionals, with one similar trait: our love for the craft. And each of us is great as an individual egg, but we're even better as an omelet. It is when we work together on a project that our strengths come out best. The power of combination! We'd love to schedule a moment with you for a better introduction!