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Modern Minds specializes in developing fitting WordPress and Magento 2 websites for your brand. 

More than just web development 

As Modern Minds we specialize in web development of WordPress and Magento 2 webshops. However, our service exceeds that, as we also focus on creating strategies, UI/UX design, developing websites, web hosting and refining all that already has been implemented in your existing site. We excel when we work together with our client, as we find it important that our collaboration is a two-way street. That's how we create websites and webshops that fit and hopefully exceed your expectations. We really think things through with our client. Is it logical to implement this or does something else meet your wishes better? That is what makes us different than other agencies. 

Building from a strategy 

We believe that developing websites should always start with developing a strategy. If you're going without one, it's like going grocery shopping without a shopping list. You are bound to forget something and don't get everything you need. We find a way to distinguish your brand through your website. Of course, we don't forget your target group, as your site should be appealing to your audience. That way your site lets you build from your current position to the future vision you have for your brand. 

A team of driven geeks 

At Modern Minds we have a team of amazing geeks that we are insanely proud of. With a passion for e-commerce, digital design and web development we work together to create websites and webshops that are unique. We stand for transparency, quick thinking and short lines of communication. It gives us energy to know that you are happy with what we created, so that is what we strive to do.