Articles by Tonino Jankov

Tonino is an entrepreneur, Linux & OSS enthusiast, developer, and tech educator. He has over ten years of experience in development and has been in the blockchain space for 3+ years. When he's not coding, he writes for SitePoint and Alibaba Cloud, binge-watches the newest works of fiction on Netflix, and explores new travel destinations.

Google Cloud Platform Network: Premium Tier vs Standard Tier

Deep dive into Google Cloud Network and a close look at their Premium Tier vs Standard Tier, along with the technology stack that gives the fastest...

MariaDB vs MySQL, a Database Technologies Rundown

MariaDB vs MySQL: what's the difference between the two database technologies? Learn all the facts behind their story and how they impact WordPress!

Nginx vs Apache: Web Server Showdown

Nginx vs Apache: what's the difference between the two? See how these webservers stack against each other and which one is the fastest for WordPres...

What Is HTTP/3 – Lowdown on the Fast New UDP-Based Protocol

HTTP/3 is the third version of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), previously known as HTTP-over-QUIC. Check out how it's speeding up the web.