Customers of Kinsta’s Web Application Hosting, Managed Database Hosting, and Static Site Hosting services can now assign other team members to help manage their projects within the MyKinsta dashboard.

If you’re a customer of our Managed WordPress Hosting service, you may have already assigned users to manage individual websites. The latest update to user access management in MyKinsta adds applications, databases, and static sites to the same interface used by company owners and company administrators to give team-member access to WordPress sites.

Adding service-level users in MyKinsta

You can start building your team in MyKinsta by selecting Users in the left-hand menu and then clicking the Invite users button.

On the resulting Invite users dialog, enter the email address(es) of invitees and click the Service access level button to reveal the Select services drop-down menu:

Screenshot showing the dialog for beginning a user invitation in MyKinsta.
Choosing the service type to begin a team-member invitation.

After selecting a service (WordPress sites, static sites, applications, or databases), you can locate individual properties by clicking in the Search services field. If you have a long list of properties, you can begin typing a property name to filter the results.

As shown below, you can assign multiple properties across different services while creating a single invitation:

Screenshot showing individual properties being added to a user invitation in MyKinsta.
Adding individual properties to an invitation for administrators.

After adding one or more properties to the invitation, complete the process by clicking the Send invite button.

Application, database, and static site administrators will have full access to the properties to which they are assigned, except for the ability to remove the property from the company account.

You can manage existing team members on the Users page, where individuals can be removed from projects and invitations can be resent.

A long list of users can be filtered by selecting a specific property from the Services drop-down menu. The default is All services:

Screenshot showing how users can be filtered by assigned properties in MyKinsta.
Filtering the user list by selecting an individual property.

Get your team up to speed

Remember that all of Kinsta’s services are hosted on the Google Cloud, connected to its speedy Premium Tier Network, and that our integration with Cloudflare’s global CDN and edge caching can place your website and application content closer to your audiences.

Static site hosting for up to 100 sites is free at Kinsta, and you can get started with application and database hosting on a free trial.