We’ve made transferring your WordPress sites to Kinsta from other hosting companies more cost-effective by rolling out unlimited, free migrations — even for the most complex moves.

Kinsta has long provided free migrations for sites hosted elsewhere and deployed using a standard WordPress configuration. But there were limits on the number of complex (Premium) migrations we would do, depending on your Kinsta hosting plan allowance.

In addition, we charged an additional fee if you wanted us to repeat a migration or clean up malware we found while transferring files and database content from other providers.

Now, it’s all free! The only limit on the number of migrations you can request is the number of WordPress installations available in your Kinsta hosting plan.

No distinction between Basic and Premium migrations

From now on, although they’re still referenced in MyKinsta’s UI, there’s no longer a cost distinction between Basic and Premium migrations. They’re all free to all customers.

All migrations have access to the capabilities of our current Premium service, which include:

  • Scheduled migrations. (This is common for ecommerce and community websites for which a clean swap from one host to another requires precise coordination to prevent the loss of transactions or user-contributed content.)
  • Support for migrating sites that use WP Engine’s LargeFS feature.
  • Support for migrating WordPress multisite networks.
  • Support for sites that require reverse proxies and non-standard WordPress implementations like Bedrock and Trellis.
  • Migration of sites for which you have only WordPress admin access and not access to the underlying server.
Screenshot showing one of the steps in scheduling a premium migration in MyKinsta.
Choosing scheduling options for a “Premium” site migration in MyKinsta.

“I’m still seeing ‘Basic’ and ‘Premium’ options in MyKinsta”

We chose to make all free migrations available to customers before adjusting MyKinsta’s UI.

When we decided to offer unlimited free site migrations from other hosting providers, we wanted to roll it out as soon as possible! So, for now, keep following the same drill. Begin a migration request by selecting a Basic or Premium site transfer within MyKinsta.

In the coming weeks, we’ll provide just one pathway to request a migration.

In the meantime, the factors to consider when choosing a Basic or Premium migration remain the same. The difference is that we no longer need to count the number of Premium migrations you request or bill you for add-ons like malware cleanup.

Screenshot showing the interface for choosing basic or premium WordPress migrations.
You’ll see options for basic and premium migrations for a while yet.

Speed up your WordPress site by moving to Kinsta

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