As a leading SaaS provider, Mekari (PT. Mid Solusi Nusantara) is at the forefront of Indonesia’s digital transformation. Mekari offers a suite of cloud-based products, including software for HR management, accounting and finance, CRM, and e-signature. Mekari’s integrated solutions and local presence have fueled their customers’ growth across industries, from food & beverage to ecommerce to manufacturing.
Mekari’s success is due to its agile approach and customer focus. It provides a complete suite of integrated products with a user-friendly UI/UX and customer support strategy. This allows its customers to scale comfortably at their own pace.

Aiming to be key partners in the digital transformation journey of its customers, Mekari continuously iterates and builds its products to adapt to changing regulations and business conditions. As a result, they now serve over 35,000 businesses, with more than 1 million users and over 9 trillion business transactions.

Mekari understands the importance of being easily discoverable by potential customers in the growing Indonesian SaaS market. Customers need to access the information they need to decide smoothly.

In our talk with Donner Mangasa, Head of Analytics at Mekari, we discovered how fast, secure WordPress hosting leads to SEO gains and increased sales. Find out how Mekari improved its site performance and SEO visibility to increase website traffic and supercharge its conversion rate.


  • Industry: B2B SaaS
  • Business size: 1,001-5,000 employees

The problem

In the past, Mekari had issues with slow server response times, which directly led to low ranking in search results. That meant that even if a potential customer was searching for a solution that Mekari could provide, the customer couldn’t find them.

“As we know, we compete on transactional keywords in digital competition. And if our website is not crawled easily by Google bots, whether it is slow response or page load time, we will not be visible to the target audience. So, the customer searches for a B2B SaaS solution but cannot find us. That’s concerning because we want our customers to find their solution easier.

We have already experienced an uncomfortable situation where, for example, we were not visible if we typed several main keywords in Indonesia, searching for a solution for HR. Or if we were visible, it’s a really, really low ranking.

Previously, we used another vendor. But we needed to urgently solve two crawl statistic issues in the Google search console: low crawl requests and high server response times. These two metrics are essential because to boost our SEO metrics, we needed to improve those two metrics in the Google search console.”

The solution

Mekari knew it couldn’t help businesses in Indonesia digitize their operations if potential customers couldn’t find them. The only solution was to improve their website performance and SEO ranking. They needed to make an immediate change, but as an agile SaaS provider, they needed a like-minded partner to support their growth.

“Right now a lot of companies in Indonesia are undergoing digital transformation, and so they are very keen on looking for who the best partner is in their digital transformation journey. As we know, making decisions on which software to buy is a big decision for most companies. So, having a website that performs optimally will help them by giving them the information they need to decide.

We found Kinsta from Google search, actually, and also in WordPress hosting on G2. We also read many good reviews about Kinsta. After we first interacted with sales, we experienced flexible pricing when we discussed with the Kinsta team, which is good for our HR campaigns and dynamic approach to the website.”

What made us interested the most was Kinsta’s trial period with a money-back guarantee. That’s quite unique compared to other competitors we discussed at that time. So we were confident.

It’s no secret that Kinsta bootstrapped its way to success through a combination of content marketing and an agile customer-centric approach. And it’s no secret that Kinsta knows SEO. But whether looking for a digital transformation partner or a hosting provider, choosing a software solution is a big decision, so it’s important to check independent reviews.

Kinsta’s Managed WordPress Hosting provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. Unlike other providers, Kinsta has no long-term binding contracts that lock customers into a hosting plan even when their site traffic fluctuates or their needs change. At Kinsta, all plan changes are pro-rated, and even cancellations provide an automatic refund for unused time. That means if you host WordPress on Kinsta, you only ever pay for what you use.

Because the digital market keeps on shifting, we also keep on adapting, and we keep on learning and keep on changing. We need a partner like Kinsta, who is as agile as the market and as agile as we are in supporting our progress and growth.

“Kinsta mirrors the kind of services and the kind of ESPs that we provide to our customers. And also, when we talk a lot about optimization, at the end of the day, it’s about us serving our customers better.”

Mekari has an impressive track record of transforming businesses in Indonesia across different industries. But to reach more people, it needed a high-performing website.

That’s why Donner and the Mekari team made a smart decision to prioritize top-quality performance, reliability, transparency, and flexibility. 

Migrating to Kinsta’s Managed WordPress hosting would allow them to unlock Mekari’s full potential. With peace of mind from independent reviews and the team’s questions fully resolved by Kinsta’s Sales Team, Mekari is now poised to make an even bigger impact.

The result

Mekari attributes dramatic improvements in its server response time and search engine results to its move to Kinsta, thus achieving its main goals. Hosting on Kinsta means their sites are powered by Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Cloudflare, ensuring enterprise-level security and performance.

Our server response time has decreased significantly by almost half. And our crawl requests have also increased by almost 3 times. Visitors or customers can find Mekari in search results easily and access our website faster. A faster site means better search results, visibility, and security.

“These metrics benefit our customers so they can discover a SaaS solution more easily. And this also makes our web visitors feel safer when exploring our solution. Those were our main objectives, which we achieved.”

Mekari crawl requests data visualization before and after moving to Kinsta
Mekari crawl requests data visualization before and after moving to Kinsta

We find Kinsta highly flexible and its customer service reliable. If there is a month when visitors decrease, we can easily live chat with the support and billing team. Then the changes happen really quickly, maybe in less than 1 hour. So that has really helped us along our journey.

“Hosting on Kinsta is also more effective and efficient because we just go to the live chat if we have any technical issues. Being able to fix our issues promptly equals better service to our customers.”

Kinsta provides 24/7/365 expert technical support included with all Managed WordPress hosting plans, just like having your own in-house engineer. This means Mekari, just like other businesses on Kinsta, enjoys peace of mind and can focus on customers without the high cost of on-call engineers.

Thanks to Kinsta’s managed WordPress hosting and Kinsta’s flexibility, Mekari has brought its solution to the top of search results and improved its user experience. Moreover, their move to Kinsta helped keep hosting costs flexible and freed up time that their team would otherwise spend on-site management and maintenance.

The conclusion

Mekari’s migration to Kinsta resulted in more effective and efficient workflows, improving their visibility to potential customers. For Mekari, these improvements from moving to Kinsta have brought positive changes to all corners of its business, which means they are in a much better position to help Indonesia go digital. 

Moving to Kinsta really helped us because we can now focus on conversion rate optimization confidently for any page or article. It really makes our workflow more effective and efficient so that our developers can focus on more impactful and strategic tasks. Better search results, visibility, and better security – those are our main objectives, which we achieved...