Doyuk is a promotional product supplier founded in Turkey in 2009. Over the years, it has expanded to Europe and, most recently, the North American region through its office in Canada. Their expertise in sourcing and distributing promotional items is supported by excellent customer service, flexibility in designs, quality control, and fast delivery.

They distribute products worldwide with sourcing from China and Europe to ensure their clients find suitable, purposeful, and high quality products that ship fast. When it comes to their website, Doyuk’s team takes online presence seriously and strives for perfection in every aspect of their site. 

Doyuk’s WordPress Developer, Tahir Uyanik, explains how partnering with Kinsta resulted in peace of mind and a fast and stable website he can constantly improve. 


  • Industry: Ecommerce
  • Business size: 15 team members

The problem

According to Tahir, Doyuk tried working with other hosting providers but needed a one-stop solution for WordPress that could help accommodate their configurations and solve technical issues. He recalls their struggles with site management:

We’ve worked with DigitalOcean and Hetzner before, we built and managed our own Ubuntu server, and server management was very time-consuming. WordPress performance configuration is very tricky. We had to buy licenses for services like LiteSpeed. We had security and backup problems.

Due to the problems they experienced with maintenance and security, Doyuk’s team started searching for a hosting provider specializing in WordPress and offering a performance-optimized infrastructure with 24/7 support and ease of use.  

The solution

After researching hosting solutions, Tahir found that Kinsta met all their requirements and provided the level of professionalism and features crucial for their sites’ smooth and successful running. Thus he began the migration process.

Finding a managed service tailored for WordPress and an infrastructure that’s fast, reliable, and secure gave Tahir and his team peace of mind, so they could focus on expanding their business.      

Helpful documentation and plugin vulnerability reports

Since migrating to Kinsta, Tahir has followed Kinsta’s resources and detailed documentation to stabilize his WordPress project: “We read and follow Kinsta documentation to improve our site. It has been very useful.”

A screenshot of the new design for documenation pages.
A look at the new design for Kinsta’s documentation.

Besides the documentation, Tahir heavily relies on Kinsta’s recommendation of plugins. He also constantly monitors Kinsta’s plugin vulnerability reports to avoid using unsafe or exposed plugins. “If there is a security vulnerability in the plugins I use, Kinsta sends an information email. I don’t use plugins that Kinsta doesn’t consider safe.”

Success through Kinsta Tools

Kinsta provides tools and features to get websites safe and up-to-speed. Besides the WordPress-optimized environment, Tahir was able to harness the tools available in MyKinsta to supercharge Doyuk’s sites; he utilized caching and CDN cache features to improve performance.

The MyKinsta dashboard.

Additionally, he always ensures he’s using the latest PHP version for enhanced speed and security. He added: “It is very easy to change the PHP version [on Kinsta], and there is always the latest version.”

Since Doyuk migrated to Kinsta’s platform, Tahir could also substitute specific plugins to use MyKinsta’s built-in tools instead: “I used to use the Redirection plugin. Using as few plugins as possible provides performance and security. That’s why I now use the Kinsta Redirects tool.”

The result

The hassle of WordPress performance configuration, time-consuming server maintenance, and security issues ceased after Doyuk moved its site to Kinsta: ‘Since partnering with Kinsta, our hosting issues have become a thing of the past.’

Stability and Scalability

Doyuk has found a solution that brought them peace of mind and helped bring the best out of their site. Server setups and uptime are no longer causing headaches, allowing the team to focus on business growth. Tahir explains: “We are very happy with Kinsta. Kinsta has extremely stable servers. We have never experienced any downtime or technical problems on our site.” 

A look at Doyuk's homepage.
A look at Doyuk’s homepage.

Currently, Doyuk hosts five sites on Kinsta. Tahir enjoys the benefits of the platform’s scalability and the ability to easily upgrade hosting plans as needed: 

“When the number of our customers increases, all we need to do is to upgrade your plan. Kinsta is constantly improving its qualifications. We follow the developments and use them on our websites. In this way, we take our site one step further.”

Stress-free hosting with reliable expert support

Choosing managed hosting over other options can be a defining factor for many business site owners. A fully managed hosting service provides all tools and optimizations for the smooth running of sites ensuring that site maintenance does not happen at the expense of business growth. For a company like Doyuk, hosting on an optimized, reliable, and scalable infrastructure is key to success.

We no longer worry about technical problems. It just gives us time to improve our site.

Being a product supplier, Doyuk understands the importance of customer service. Support was among the main factors why their team decided to move to Kinsta and migrate more sites over. Kinsta’s technical support team of experts is available 24/7/365, and their average response time is below one minute. 

Doyuk is trusted by businesses across the globe.
Doyuk is trusted by businesses across the globe.

About 97% of Kinsta’s support conversations are closed, with the customer happy. Tahir reflects on his experience with the support team as follows: “Kinsta’s live support team is always ready, 24/7, to respond to our queries, ensuring our complete satisfaction.”

The conclusion

Doyuk’s team took full control over their business growth and had the chance to improve their website after moving to Kinsta’s platform. Tahir, Doyuk’s WordPress Developer has been utilizing Kinsta’s tools and documentation on a regular basis to flourish Doyuk’s sites.

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We are very happy since we switched to Kinsta. Our website has never had any problems or downtime. And now that we don’t have to worry about hosting, we have a lot more time and resources to improve our website and expand our business globally.