Client country: Taiwan

wPowered Inc. (Jinxin Digital Technology Studio) is a WordPress-focused web marketing agency in Taiwan. Founded on the principle that honesty is the greatest value it can uphold for its customers, wPowered aims to offer its clients the best quality service and user experience even among so many options in the WordPress services market.

Putting customers first, wPowered prides itself on improving search engine rankings and increasing site traffic while providing its customers with high-performance WordPress websites. With value to customers first in mind, wPowered includes full-service hosting and site management with its service offering, so that its clients can focus on connecting with their customers and boosting sales.


  • Industry: B2B Marketing Agency
  • Business size: 3 people

The problem

In the past, wPowered struggled to find a hosting provider that could allow them to provide a full package service of the high quality they strive to give to their customers.

We started out by trying pretty much every hosting provider out there, but we never found a managed WordPress service that we were happy with. We constantly had to upgrade plans, switch hosts, change hosting types, pay way too much, and waste so much time dealing with hosting issues.

The WordPress industry offers many hosting options, from shared, free, and cheap WordPress hosting to WordPress alternatives. Finding the best one that fits your needs can be a significant challenge. After bouncing around between hosting providers, wPowered realized the value of managed WordPress hosting. But they needed the right partner to deliver the world-class service their customers deserve.

The solution

The wPowered team needed an agency-centric managed hosting platform so that they could focus on providing value for their customers. They found Kinsta and haven’t looked back since. Seven years later, they still remember the very first e-commerce site they moved to Kinsta.

Our initial e-commerce client was with a previous host using a 16GB RAM VPS, but they still suffered from slow checkout speeds and frequent 502 errors, and so they were afraid to advertise heavily.

Once the site was migrated to Kinsta, these issues cleared up. Ever since moving those sites to Kinsta, those problems have been eliminated. When we came across Kinsta, it was like finally finding the unicorn that we had been looking for.

Since securing the managed WordPress service provider that they needed to run their business and provide the greatest value to their customers, the team at wPowered has developed a three-step workflow to manage client sites efficiently:

  1. Monitor site performance and security in MyKinsta
  2. Take regular backups of client sites
  3. Use Kinsta’s 24-hour expert technical support to solve any issues that may arise

Now, with over 280 client sites hosted on Kinsta, wPowered has made Kinsta hosting an integral part of their business structure and the services they provide to clients.

Client focus: Nubaby is a site managed by wPowered that provides information on nail care and treatment. Before migrating to Kinsta, the Nubaby site’s WordPress backend was extremely slow. They experienced 502 errors and found that the server often needed to be restarted. It was clear that the WordPress console was causing serious performance issues.

The wPowered team wanted to move Nubaby to a more reliable platform as soon as possible in order to get control of the situation, but they knew that the site needed more than just a migration: it needed expert troubleshooting. Fortunately, with every Managed WordPress hosting plan, Kinsta includes 24/7/365 direct support by real expert engineers. That means you don’t have to pay extra for tiered support, nor do you need to waste time with call centers or AI-based support. So wPowered decided to put Kinsta’s support to the test.

After completing the migration to Kinsta, the Kinsta support team ran New Relic for 30 to 60 minutes to monitor the situation. Slow transaction trace details provided a step-by-step waterfall chart that showed the function of PHP when generating pages, database queries, and external communications. The support team determined that the installed theme’s header included too many resources and too many third-party requests. Another major factor was that cron tasks led to a large number of external requests.

Thanks to the help of the Kinsta support team, we easily identified the problem. The problems of the client’s website were quickly resolved through the DB Cleaner and WP Crontrol plugins.

Immediately after migrating Nubaby’s site to Kinsta, the support team at Kinsta quickly identified and resolved the existing performance issues. Kinsta’s 24/7/365 expert support, MyKinsta dashboard, and Application Performance Monitoring (APM) tool make fixing errors and optimizing performance issues easier than ever.

A step-by-step waterfall view of slow transactions, indicating that the theme header was loading too many resources and making too many third-party requests.
Step-by-step waterfall view of slow transactions

Transaction trace details show a step-by-step waterfall view of slow transactions, indicating that the theme header was loading too many resources and making too many third-party requests.

External requests from third-party scripts were slowing down the Nubaby site.
This transaction time chart of external requests from third-party scripts

This transaction time chart shows the main culprit: external requests from third-party scripts were slowing down the Nubaby site.

Unnecessary WP-Cron jobs leftover from an old plugin.
WP-Cron’s old plugin

Digging deeper, the issue was narrowed down to unnecessary WP-Cron jobs leftover from an old plugin.

Client focus: LeedeCat

LeedeCat is a cat litter brand specially designed for Taiwan’s climate. The LeedeCat website was hosted on the Cloudways platform since 2016. However, with the brand’s increasing popularity, LeedeCat started to encounter problems as its online presence became overwhelmed.

“As their traffic increased, the checkout page would often fail. The database would crash whenever they held an event and the website traffic surged to 200-300 people.”

When wPowered migrated the LeedeCat website to Kinsta along with six other shopping websites, the situation improved immediately.

Kinsta’s optimizations for WordPress and WooCommerce solved the problem of slow checkout pages and high traffic. LeedeCat no longer encountered issues with the database becoming inaccessible. Now, LeedeCat can confidently advertise on various platforms without worrying about website crashes caused by high traffic.”

Kinsta’s optimized platform means that website performance often improves immediately just by switching to it. With our Managed WordPress hosting, you can utilize Google’s fastest servers, 24/7/365 expert human support, and uptime monitoring every 3 minutes—all at no extra charge. And with a 30-day money-back guarantee and free migrations included in all of Kinsta’s Managed WordPress hosting plans, it’s easy to try Kinsta to check for easy performance improvements, as well as to work with Kinsta’s support team for deeper dives into performance optimization.

The conclusion

wPowered now relies on Kinsta to power their agency business, and their growth shows no signs of slowing down. By trusting Kinsta, wPowered has capitalized on its niche. As a result, wPowered has achieved increased value for itself and its customers, enabling their business to grow.

“Kinsta has been instrumental in our business growth. To date, we host 285 websites on their platform, and our clients benefit from Kinsta’s blazing-fast speeds, enhanced security, unmatched scalability, and stellar support. This has allowed us to attract more clients and grow our business exponentially.

Furthermore, Kinsta has helped us reduce costs, thereby increasing our revenue. The platform’s automation and ease of use have significantly reduced the time we spend on managing hosting-related tasks. This cost saving allows us to pass on the benefits to our clients, making our services more competitive.“

The benefits to wPowered from hosting with Kinsta go beyond cost efficiency and revenue growth. Ultimately they are able to provide superior service to their customers, resulting in improved customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Kinsta has been instrumental in improving client satisfaction. The improved performance, security, and ease of management have resulted in a significantly reduced churn rate. Our clients appreciate the enhanced experience and are more likely to stay with us long-term.

Putting its customers first by working with Kinsta to provide the best possible service, wPowered has achieved sustainable growth.

“Kinsta’s powerful features allow us to strengthen our customers’ websites and improve customer satisfaction, thereby reducing customer churn and increasing our repurchase rate, as well as enabling each of our customers to complete more work in a shorter amount of time.

Kinsta’s service has been fast, reliable, and secure. Their support team is highly professional and is always able to solve my queries swiftly.”