Spectora is an all-in-one home inspection software platform for modern home inspectors to run their business. It handles everything from taking photos in their mobile application, to writing reports on the desktop, to collecting payment and accepting agreements. Spectora also makes home inspector websites, provides SEO & PPC services, video production, and email marketing.

Check out our interview below with Kevin Wagstaff, Founder of Spectora.

About Spectora

“My background was as a residential real estate agent so I saw a lot of home inspection reports that underwhelmed me. We also had friends who knew home inspectors that were not too happy with their current software. So we did our research and thought we would improve and innovate in an industry that seemed stuck in the past. And that’s what brought about Spectora.”

Host Growing Pains – Outages and Lack of Admin Tools

“As popularity in our website design and hosting services grew, so did our growing pains with our previous host. Outages, slowness, and a lack of admin tools made it clear that we needed an upgrade.

At the time of switching, we had about 40,000 unique visitors a month. We had a plan to double that so this also led us to a modern hosting platform that could help manage this number of sites.”

Why Kinsta?

“A friend that owns his own SaaS company let us know about Kinsta and their marvelous support. He was spot on. From the moment we first connected with Kinsta there was a warm, we just want to help vibe. That hasn’t changed after months and months.”

Performance Improvements and Easier Management

“Since the switch to Kinsta, we have seen an across the board 15% decrease in page load speed times. 🚀 We have also reduced the number of headaches from being able to handle redirects, https, refreshing caches, backups, etc.

The feeling that a company deeply understands WordPress and is there to help is an intangible benefit that you can’t measure but know it matters. Kinsta also seems open to suggestions on how to make our lives easier. As business owners, we are all about how we can make things faster and more efficient. Kinsta gets this and we will stay put as long as they keep that spirit!”

Kinsta was exactly what we were looking for in a performant, customer support centric WordPress host as we scale up our sites under management.