Easy And Powerful PostgreSQL Hosting

Join over 55,000 developers and entrepreneurs on Kinsta’s PaaS. Our PostgreSQL hosting frees you to focus on other tasks. Spin up a database now with a free trial.

How Does it Work?

  1. Add a Database Service
    On your MyKinsta dashboard add and select your preferred PostgreSQL version.
  2. Select a Data Center Location for Minimum Latency
    We have 25 data centers to choose from.
  3. Choose Your Server Resources
    Choose CPU, RAM, and disk space.
  4. Deploy Database
    Your database will quickly build and deploy. From there it’s easy to make internal or external connections.

Google C2 Machines

Run your PostgreSQL database on the best infrastructure: Google Cloud Platform. We offer Google’s fastest-available C2 Machines which are optimized for high performance computing.

Premium Tier Network

It all runs on Google’s Premium Tier network, their fastest and highest performing network. No other public cloud has more PoPs, and you get global load balancing.

24/7/365 Support

Get expert live chat support on all database packages. No tiered support or expensive support packages required. Available on holidays, weekends, and in five languages.

Leverage Data Faster with Internal Connections

Host both your application and Postgres database with Kinsta. Then you can use internal connections. Same data center. Same cluster. Next-level performance.

  • Faster
  • More secure
  • You won’t be billed for internal traffic/bandwidth like with other hosts.
  • All with no limits on row count or query count

Scale As You Grow

As your needs change, resize your database easily in MyKinsta. No migrations, muss, or fuss.

MyKinsta Makes It Easy

One UI. Unlimited collaborators. MyKinsta is your streamlined control panel created for devs by devs.

Screenshot of the MyKinsta Dashboard

PostgreSQL Versions

We support PostgreSQL versions 9.6, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14. Simply select your required version during setup on your MyKinsta dashboard.

Analytics and Management

Within MyKinsta you have easy access to database settings, connections, and analytics in one place. (Storage, runtime, CPU usage, and memory usage)

Quick Setup

Skip configuring your own servers and containers. We’ll create and maintain the ideal Postgres environment for you. You’ll be back to building in no time.

Deploy a Database

Without spending a dime! Start your full featured, free trial today.

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Choose Your Data Center for Maximum Speed

At no extra cost, select the region that works best for your project. Choose from 25 data centers. All our locations offer Google’s top CPU machines and high-performing Premium Tier network.

Data Centers (25)
CDN Locations (275)
Locations of Google Cloud data centers on a world map

PostgreSQL Pricing

Only pay for what you need with transparent and scalable resource-based pricing. Start your free trial today.

  1. Database 1

    $0.0000068493 USD second
    $0.02470 USD hour
    $18 USD month
    CPU Count
    0.25 CPU
    0.25GB RAM
    Storage Space
    1GB Storage
  2. Database 2

    $0.0000129376 USD second
    $0.04660 USD hour
    $34 USD month
    CPU Count
    0.5 CPU
    2GB RAM
    Storage Space
    5GB Storage
  3. Database 3

    $0.0000247336 USD second
    $0.08900 USD hour
    $65 USD month
    CPU Count
    1 CPU
    4GB RAM
    Storage Space
    10GB Storage
  4. Database 4

    $0.0000551750 USD second
    $0.19860 USD hour
    $145 USD month
    CPU Count
    2 CPU
    8GB RAM
    Storage Space
    20GB Storage
  5. Database 5

    $0.0001179604 USD second
    $0.42470 USD hour
    $310 USD month
    CPU Count
    4 CPU
    16GB RAM
    Storage Space
    40GB Storage
  6. Database 6

    $0.0003044140 USD second
    $1.09590 USD hour
    $800 USD month
    CPU Count
    8 CPU
    32GB RAM
    Storage Space
    60GB Storage
  7. Database 7

    $0.0004566210 USD second
    $1.64380 USD hour
    $1,200 USD month
    CPU Count
    16 CPU
    64GB RAM
    Storage Space
    80GB Storage
  8. Database 8

    $0.0007039574 USD second
    $2.53420 USD hour
    $1,850 USD month
    CPU Count
    30 CPU
    120GB RAM
    Storage Space
    90GB Storage
  9. Database 9

    $0.0012366819 USD second
    $4.45210 USD hour
    $3,250 USD month
    CPU Count
    60 CPU
    240GB RAM
    Storage Space
    100GB Storage

Get Started for Free

See your database in action with a full-featured account. Your free trial awaits.

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How Other Tech Stacks Up

How does Kinsta’s PostgreSQL hosting stack up against other options?

No extra fees, support contracts, or tiers. Get a real human expert in minutes (holidays and weekends included).
Tickets or forum support only
You’ll pay up to $1,000/month at Heroku, Digital Ocean, or Fly to access direct contact with a support agent.
Speed30% faster
Your Kinsta-hosted app can use internal database connections getting you 30% faster speeds than Heroku (after extensive testing).
Slow external connections
Heroku and most other hosts don’t offer internal database connections, which can lead to slower, less secure, yet more expensive database hosting
Your MyKinsta dashboard lets you do everything from one place. No fiddling around with outdated dashboards. And our product lines are simple to understand.
No MyKinsta and complexity
Many other hosts have complicated product lines with hundreds of confusing and overlapping options. And they often have multiple confusing, separate control panels.

These comparisons are based on hundreds of real-world speed tests performed on actual server clusters and good-faith comparative research performed throughout November and December 2022.

Here’s What Our Customers Say

Customers love us for our commitment to cutting-edge technology, improving the developer experience, and expert support.

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What are some advantages of PostgreSQL?

PostgreSQL is open source and trusted by many large brands. It can handle lots of data with speed, it’s extensible, and is supported by a large community. 

Can I Change My PostgreSQL Database Size?

Yes, you can increase the CPU/RAM/storage resources your database has allocated to it at any time on your MyKinsta Dashboard. Learn more on our Docs.

Can We Also Host Other Standalone Databases? Which Types?

Yes, our Database Hosting service also supports Redis, MariaDB, and MySQL.

How Does the $20 off First Month Work?

Sign up for any of Kinsta’s Application Hosting or Database Hosting tiers and you’ll automatically join our free trial. The free trial is limited to $20 in server resources and applies only to your first month of hosting.

How are database resources calculated?

The database tier you select has a predefined amount of CPU, RAM, and storage. You’re billed for the use of these resources.

Do I pay for internal connections?

If your database and application are hosted on the same data center and cluster, you won’t be billed for internal traffic and bandwidth like with other hosts.

What Type of Support Does Kinsta Offer?

We offer 24/7/365 chat support. We average less than two minutes of wait time for the first response. 97% of support inquiries are closed with the customer happy and satisfied. Your happiness is our number one priority.

Find out more about the scope of support here.

Which Payment Methods Do You Accept?

We accept these major credit/debit cards; Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, and Discover. Your payment info is stored and processed securely by Stripe and never touches our servers.

Can We Also Host Other Apps or Sites?

Yes, we have Application Hosting and Managed WordPress Hosting services.

Get Started

Leave databases to us so you can focus on your other web projects. Start your free trial.

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