The 2020 Guide to Managing 40+ WordPress Websites

Learn how top agencies, developers, and freelancers are efficiently maintaining a large number of sites without sacrificing performance or security.

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In this 60-page, completely free ebook, we’ll show you how to scale site management effectively using the right tools (and techniques) to increase your client intake!

Here’s What We’ll Be Covering:

  • The Foundation to Great Maintenance Services: Choosing the Right Providers
  • Keeping Your Clients’ Sites Properly Backed Up
  • Keeping Your Clients’ Sites Updated
  • Keeping Your Clients’ Sites Secure
  • Improving Your Clients’ Sites Performance
  • Troubleshooting Issues With Your Clients’ Sites
  • A Sneak Peek of the MyKinsta Dashboard
  • And much more!

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About Kinsta

Kinsta is a premium managed WordPress hosting provider designed for enterprise level and high traffic sites. The first managed WordPress host to be exclusively powered by Google Cloud Platform, with best in class performance and customer support.

Fully managed

Secure like Fort Knox

Free migrations

Ultimate speed

Daily backups

Google Cloud Platform

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