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Kinsta has built an all-in-one managed hosting solution designed for Enterprise

Next Gen Infrastructure

Next Gen Infrastructure

State-of-the-art technology on our Google Cloud powered infrastructure, such as NGINX, PHP 7, HHVM, LXD containers, and MariaDB.

WordPress Export Support

Expert Support

Our 24x7 support team are all WordPress developers, contribute to WordPress core, and live and breath it on a daily basis.

High Security

High Security Network

We monitor sites every minute for uptime, detect DDoS attacks as they happen, and proactively stop malicious code.

Developer Features

Developer Features

We love developers. SSH Access, WP-CLI, and Git are all standard features across all of our hosting plans.

High Performance and Fault Tolerance

Working with large volume sites is our speciality. We serve billions of page views and bytes every month with absolute stability and uptime. Our servers are prepared for events you can’t forsee. Traffic surges, peak times and increased downloads are not an issue, we can handle anything you throw at us.

HTTP requests


HTTP requests per month

data transfer


Egress data transfer per month

support tickets


Median support ticket response time

We Make DevOps Happy

Cut costs and time involved with tedious maintenance

data center

Choose Your Data Center

12 locations throughout the USA, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and South America. They are strategically placed to offer the lowest latency.

automatic backups

Always Backed Up

Our redundant, isolated, and automatic backup system allows you to roll back your site with a single click.

wordpress migrations

Free Site Migrations

Our expert migration team can migrate your business without any downtime. It is safe, secure, and hassle free.

wordpress staging

Staging Areas

Test plugins, themes, and updates with our one-click staging environments. Speed up your development workflow.


"As a large organization with exacting performance and unique SLA requirements, our team evaluated several hosting providers in addition to rolling out our own self-hosted proof-of-concept. Our success criteria was in finding a solution that makes sure our WordPress sites have consistently fast page speed performance (millions of visits per month), is secure and highly-available in the event of system outages. Out of the handful of hosts and solutions we tested, Kinsta provided the best-in-class performance while reducing our teams dependency on DevOps support -- Kinsta's support team is second to none"

Jake Martin

Jake Martin

Sr. Mgr, Web Architect, Intuit

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enterprise wordpress hosting on google cloud

WordPress hosting at the speed of Google

We chose the Google Cloud Platform for its automatic scalability, state of the art security, multi-regional deployment, and high-performance. Many 3rd party hosts are constrained to 2-6 CPUs per VPS. Utilizing the Google Compute Engine, we actually let the site’s container scale to as many CPUs as needed when there's a surge of traffic. This ensures your WordPress site stays online 24x7.

Google's private Fiber network is one of the biggest in the world, allowing our machines to process more data in less time. All data is stored redundantly, with automatic checksums to ensure data integrity. A benefit of multi-regional storage is that it is also geo-redundant, which means cloud storage stores your data redundantly in at least two regions within the multi-regional location of the bucket.

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