Our Business 1 Plan Now Has More Installs

Written on December 05, 2018. Updated on: December 05, 2018

We’ve heard your feedback and are happy to announce that we just added two more installs to our Business 1 plan at no extra cost. 🎉

Previously our Business 1 plan had three installs. A lot of you manage multiple websites or work with clients, and this simply wasn’t enough. Therefore, we’ve added two more, bringing it to five WordPress installs on our Business 1 plan.

This also makes it much more cost effective when you’re calculating out your monthly hosting spend per WordPress site.

Business 1 plan installs

Business 1 WordPress installs

Remember, if you’re running a multisite setup, this is still considered one install due to the fact that they share a database.

We hope this increase in installs will help you bring even more WordPress sites over to Kinsta! As always, keep the feedback coming, we greatly appreciate it.

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