An update of the MyKinsta dashboard gives Web Application Hosting customers a new perspective on their projects.

The Overview page for each application now includes a visual representation of the various components behind the app — from the client-facing features of Kinsta’s Cloudflare integration to the processes running on our Google Cloud virtual machines.

Access an Overview page and the new app diagram by selecting Applications on MyKinsta’s left-hand menu, choosing one of your current apps, and then clicking on the menu’s Overview option:

Screenshot of the application overview diagram in MyKinsta.
A diagram detailing an app’s various components in MyKinsta.

Also on the Overview page, below the diagram, is a list of the application’s most recent deployments.

What you’ll find on the Overview diagram

Let’s take a closer look at the information you’ll find on the Overview page’s application diagram.

Under the application name at the top of the page is information about your Git repository, including:

  • Whether automatic deployment on Git commits is enabled
  • The name and path of your Git repository
  • The name of the repository branch containing the application code

You can click on the branch name to visit the repository on your Git host.

Screenshot: Detail of the application's Git repository information.
Git repository information on the application diagram.

The left-hand side of the diagram details the client-facing side of your application and the status of services available through Cloudflare, including:

Screenshot: Cloudflare services on the application overview diagram.
The status of Cloudflare-based services in the application diagram.

The heart of the application diagram details the resources and settings for the processes running on Kinsta’s virtual machines.

Every application has a web process, and its card in the diagram displays details that include:

  • The port on which the application is listening
  • The application’s start command
  • The server resources (RAM and CPUs)
  • The number of instances
  • The application’s domain (URL)

Your application may also have background workers and cron jobs, and cards for such processes will appear on the diagram with information on their resource usage.

Screenshot: Application services detailed on the new overview diagram.
Information about an application’s web process, background worker, and cron job.

Buttons on the cards allow you to click through directly to a service’s logs or settings.

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