Move to a Visitor-Based Pricing Model

Written on November 06, 2017.

We have changed our pricing model from bandwidth to visitor-based. The primary reason for doing this is because the bandwidth-based pricing model was simply too confusing for clients. First of all, many didn’t know how to quickly look up this information. Secondly, many of our clients also utilize a CDN, so there was then the issue of determining your remaining bandwidth needs after using a CDN. All of this just wound up being too complicated, even for larger enterprise clients.

That and the fact that many other WordPress hosts don’t measure bandwidth, which is kind of ironic, as bandwidth usage can directly correlate in helping to troubleshoot performance on your WordPress site. That is why the bandwidth usage, along with visitor data, will always be available within the MyKinsta analytics reports.

Visitor and bandwidth analytics

Visitor and bandwidth analytics

Read more about how Kinsta counts visitors and changes regarding legacy plans. Again, current clients can remain on their bandwidth-model plans and still upgrade and or downgrade between them within the MyKinsta dashboard.

Businesses all around the globe have chosen to host with Kinsta, not because we billed based on bandwidth, but because we have a great reputation in the industry. We’ve always utilized the latest and greatest technology and offered world-class expert support. We try to let us our client feedback speak for itself.

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