Billing questions

Billing Questions

Most Common Billing Questions About Kinsta

Have billing questions about your hosting plan at Kinsta? No problem, we've compiled all the most common billing questions and issues all in one pl...

What Happens if I Don’t Pay My Invoice?

Kinsta has an automated system in place to handle unpaid invoices. We will attempt to bill you four times as well as email you before taking any ac...

How to Add a VAT Number to Your Kinsta Account

Kinsta has started charging VAT to comply with EU tax regulations. If you're a company, check out how to add a VAT number to your Kinsta hosting ac...

VAT Information (Value-Added Tax)

In order to comply with EU tax regulations, Kinsta has started charging VAT (Value Added Tax) to EU residents and EU based companies. This article...

How to Find cPanel Bandwidth Usage

A hosting provider might inquire about how much bandwidth your site uses. Check out these 3 quick steps on how to find cPanel bandwidth usage.

Do You Charge Overages? What Happens if I Go Over My Limits?

Learn more about visitor, CDN, and bandwidth overages at Kinsta and what happens if you go over your limits.

Can I transfer billing to my client?

Use this page to learn more about transferring billing to your client.

Do you offer discounts if I prepay in advance?

Use this page to learn about saving money by prepaying in advance with us.