How Do I View My Access and WordPress Error Logs?

Updated on November 06, 2017

Logs can be very helpful when troubleshooting and debugging issues on your WordPress sites. Viewing your access and WordPress error logs is pretty simple. Just follow the instructions below.

wordpress error log

How to View Access and WordPress Error Logs

There are a couple different ways to view your access and WordPress error logs, one is via the My Kinsta dashboard, and the other is simply downloading the raw log files.

Option 1 – Kinsta Dashboard

We are excited that you can now access your logs in the My Kinsta dashboard. This is a fast way to quickly debug something without having to spin up your FTP client or command line. Simply click into one of your WordPress sites and on the right hand side click on “Error Logs.” You can view your error.log, kinsta-cache-perf.log, and access.log files. By default it will show the last 1,000 lines. You can drag the slider across to see the last 20,000 lines.

error.log file

wordpress error log

kinsta-cache-perf.log file

wordpress cache log

access.log file

wordpress access log

Option 2 – View Raw Access and WordPress Error Logs via FTP

The second way to view your logs is simply downloading the raw log files. First you will want to connect to your site via SFTP. Then in the root you will see a folder called “logs”.

wordpress error logs folder sftp

Within the folder are your access logs, WordPress error logs, and also your Kinsta cache logs.

  • access.log
  • error.log
  • kinsta-cache-perf.log

logs wordpress

Gzip (.gz) backups are automatically created for older logs archives. You can see the codex for additional debugging information in WordPress.

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