Media Temple Alternative: The Benefits of Choosing Kinsta

If you’re looking for a Media Temple alternative for your WordPress hosting, Kinsta has you covered. Our unique, speed-optimized hosting is powered by the Google Cloud Platform. We only use the latest and greatest technology to deliver unmatched performance and state-of-the-art security. From our custom-built dashboard to our developer-friendly tools, no other solution compares.


Bought by GoDaddy in 2013, Media Temple is a general web host that offers shared, VPS, dedicated, and WordPress hosting.  

One of the biggest issues users experience with Media Temple is that it’s not very straightforward and transparent, particularly when it comes to its plans and services. Some users find its architecture of clustered servers (the “Grid”) confusing. Plus, although Media Temple plans are not cheap, most premium security, support, and performance features require an additional fee. 

Every day at Kinsta, we hear from unhappy customers looking for a better Media Temple alternative. Many are interested in learning more about what makes Kinsta so different from other providers in the industry. We’re excited to answer that here, and take you through the key benefits of using Kinsta for your managed WordPress hosting!

How Kinsta Compares to Media Temple in a Nutshell

Before we discuss Kinsta vs Media Temple in detail, we want to provide a brief summary of the key differences between the two hosting providers. 

Kinsta is the highest-rated managed WordPress host on G2, which is the world’s leading software review and comparison site:

#1 WordPress Hosting Provider by G2

Users Love Us G2 award Small Business Leader G2 award Best Relationship G2 award Best Usability G2 award Easiest Admin G2 award

The Kinsta platform is powered exclusively by the Google Cloud Platform. Using Google’s premium-tier network enables us to maximize website performance for each site we host. 

Let’s take a look at some of the other major differences between Kinsta and Media Temple:

Kinsta is Built for Performance and Scalability

Unlike Media Temple, Kinsta doesn’t fall into traditional hosting categories such as shared, VPS, and/or dedicated. We carved a unique path to provide a platform and infrastructure that’s unlike any other in the industry. 

Kinsta is the first managed WordPress host to exclusively use the Google Cloud Platform, which allows us to deliver unmatched performance, speed, and scalability to every site hosted with us. For each site, we use LXD-managed hosts and LXC software containers that include all necessary resources, such as Linux, Nginx, MySQL, and PHP. 

To put it simply, all your resources are always isolated, and therefore protected. We don’t offer shared hosting, so privacy is never a concern, nor are overloaded remote servers or limited resources.

At Kinsta, your MySQL databases are hosted at localhost, leading to faster queries and loading times. Thanks to our auto-scaling infrastructure, you can upgrade or downgrade with ease, without ever having to worry about uptime.

We use Google Cloud Platform’s compute-optimized C2 machines that enable our clients to see significant average response time improvements. Simply by moving to our platform, Kinsta can provide a speed improvement of up to 300% (depending on the type of site you have). As you can see below:

Performance increase after moving to C2 machines on Kinsta.

We moved to Kinsta 3 years ago for all of our businesses because we wanted to go with the absolute best hosting and not have to worry ever again about stability, uptime, scaling, and speed. Besides the speed and customer support, I love the dashboard, one-click staging, multiple backup methods, built-in CDN, and redirects…We were ultimately looking for the best performance web host and saw immediate decrease in load times for all of our sites.

Immediate drop in load times after moving to Kinsta.

While it offers managed WordPress hosting, Media Temple is not a WordPress-specific host. It also provides generic shared and VPS hosting. 

Kinsta plans start at just $30 per month, and include all the advanced technologies and features needed to maximize site speed, performance, and security. Although Media Temple has comparable prices, its plans don’t include nearly the same amount of features, control, and extras that we provide.

Most security, monitoring, and support services at Media Temple are only available as premium add-ons or via additional subscription plans. This means your monthly hosting bill can be significantly higher than planned

According to research gathered by SoftwareFindr, in addition to features and functionality, Kinsta outperforms Media Temple in terms of value for your money, ease of use, and customer support.

MyKinsta: A Dashboard That’s Better Than the Competition

As with many traditional hosting providers, Media Temple offers its users the choice between using cPanel or Plesk on most plans. At Kinsta, we weren’t satisfied with these basic control panels, which is why we built our own custom user portal from scratch.

MyKinsta earned the highest Ease of Admin rating in its category on G2, the world-leading software review site.

Designed specifically for WordPress site management, the MyKinsta dashboard gives you a clean, intuitive interface and full control over every aspect of your websites:

MyKinsta is Kinsta's fully custom dashboard for managing WordPress sites.
The MyKinsta dashboard.

Let’s take a look at some of the powerful features that make our MyKinsta dashboard so useful:

  • Quick access to phpMyAdmin and a button to change your database password.
  • Premium Amazon Route 53 DNS included, so you can directly manage your DNS records.
  • One-click CDN integration to speed up your site.
  • Detailed insights and analytics, including bandwidth and visitor data, performance analysis data, CDN usage and insights, and cache HIT and MISS ratio. 
  • Search and replace tool for making bulk updates on your site.
  • One-click toggle between PHP versions, and the option to restart PHP when needed.
  • Website redirect management.
  • Ability to quickly purge the site cache within the dashboard.
  • One-click staging environments. 
  • Features to push staging sites live and restore backups to staging, as well as options for quickly backing up your site. 
  • Ability to heighten login security by adding your SSH keys to the dashboard.
  • IP Deny tool for blocking IP addresses with ease.
  • New Relic integration for getting detailed insights and performance statistics.
  • WordPress debugging tool for viewing warnings, errors, and notices on your site.
  • Simple password protection for your environment.
  • Free one-click Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates, and an option to import your own third-party SSL.
  • Kinsta supports PHP 7.4, which is the fastest and most secure version.
  • We offer six types of backups: free automatic/daily, optional hourly, manual, system generated, downloadable, and external backups sent automatically to your Amazon S3 or Google Cloud storage.
  • Kinsta provides a site-healing feature.
  • We offer free staging environment and one-click SSL with our Let’s Encrypt integration on every plan.
  • All sites at Kinsta come with a free one-click staging environment.
  • Kinsta offers premium 24/7 multilingual support for all clients.
  • Kinsta has a very attractive affiliate program with recurring commissions.

Don’t take our word for it, though. Give it a try for yourself! By creating a free account, you can demo the MyKinsta dashboard and explore its interface and tools, to see firsthand what makes it so superior to the other portals and control panels out there.

We care about our clients’ opinions and appreciate their input, which is why many MyKinsta features have been directly inspired by feedback from our clients. We actively listen to client requests, and always look for improvements that help make your life more productive.

Optimized for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads

Kinsta’s platform is optimized to effectively handle the complex intricacies and unique challenges that come with managing ecommerce sites. Our hosting solutions can help boost the speed and performance of your WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads store.

We do this in a variety of ways, including:

While Media Temple does offer self-managed ecommerce services, it provides no specific features aimed at WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads users on its shared and WordPress hosting plans.

Instead, ecommerce uses are pointed to either the VPS plans or managed plans for Amazon Web Services (AWS). For any specific details or pricing information, you’ll need to reach out to the Media Temple team.

It’s also important to remember that when it comes to online storefronts, speed is essential. As the fastest WordPress host out there, Kinsta makes sure performance is never a concern.

Every year, Review Signal conducts and publishes a performance testing review on some of the most popular web hosts in the industry. Kinsta has achieved “top tier” performance five years in a row!

Let’s take a look at how Media Temple stacked up against Kinsta in the most recent round both hosts participated in. Both Kinsta’s and Media Temple’s managed WordPress business plans were reviewed. Review Signal created identical dummy sites with each provider in order to conduct the tests.

Web Performance Benchmarks was used to measure the overall loading time for each hosting provider in seconds, with the tests performed in 11 different geographical locations:

KinstaMedia Temple
Los Angeles0.9470.901
São Paulo1.8482.118

Kinsta beat Media Temple in 7 out of the 11 tests

For the uptime monitoring tests, UptimeRobot and StatusCake were used. Kinsta had a perfect score on Uptime Robot, and nearly perfect on StatusCake. Media Temple did not reach 100% during either test:

KinstaMedia Temple
Uptime Robot100%99.97%

Next up is the test, which tested 1 to 3,000 users over 60 seconds to assess the caching system’s performance on each site:

KinstaMedia Temple
Average Hits per Second1,356739
Average Response Time84249
Fastest Response84 ms189 ms
Shortest Response86 ms676 ms

As you can see, Kinsta outperformed Media Temple by a wide margin. We had close to zero errors and no timeouts, along with faster response times.

The Load Storm tests scaled from 500 to 5,000 users over 30 minutes, with the peak at 10 minutes:

KinstaMedia Temple
Total Requests671,665775,277
Total Errors4734,144
Peak RPS528.38616.05
Average RPS373.15430.71
Peak Response Time (ms)9,99115,334
Average Response Time (ms)285761

As you can see, Kinsta had significantly fewer errors and a faster response time across the board. When it comes to WordPress performance, Kinsta is a superior alternative to Media Temple.

Code Review Tools

Kinsta is Developer-Friendly

Many of the Kinsta team members are developers, so we understand the importance of developer-friendly tools. That is why we create all of our products with developers in mind. 

With Kinsta as your WordPress host, you’ll have access to features that help to enhance your workflow efficiency and production. These features provide you with full control and offer functionalities you wouldn’t necessarily get with Media Temple, including:

Another important difference we want to emphasize is in regards to SSL certificates. Unlike Kinsta, Media Temple does not include SSL certificates with most plans. For example, while it’s included with the Professional WordPress plans, that’s only true if you opt for yearly billing. 

Media Temple offers standard SSL certificates, starting at $75 per year for a single domain. Multi-domain and Wildcard SSL certificates cannot be installed on managed WordPress plans.

In contrast, Kinsta offers free one-click SSL with our Let’s Encrypt integration on every plan. You also have the option to import your own certificate. You can enable HTTPS and import your SSL certificate directly from the MyKinsta dashboard.

Feature Comparison Overview

KinstaMedia Temple
PricingPlans start at $30/monthPlans start at $20/month
Money-Back Guarantee30 days30 days
Plan Tiers10 (not including custom)8 (2 for managed WordPress hosting)
Premium 24×7 SupportAll plansVaries by plan
Core Infrastructure (GCP)Same across all plans (GCP)Varies by plan (AWS)
SSH AccessAll plansVaries by plan
Global Data Centers24 locations1 location
Continent Locations51
Bandwidth LimitsNo limits (within AUP)Varies by plan
Container Technology100% resource isolation on all plansNot specified
Free MigrationsAll plansX
Staging EnvironmentAll plansAll plans
PHP VersionsPHP 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 7.4PHP 5.6, 7.2
Switch PHP EngineOne-click change in dashboardUsers can switch PHP versions in cPanel or Plesk
Free CDN34 (All regions)Varies by plan (10 regions)
Free SSL CertificatesAll plansVaries by plan
Uptime MonitoringAll plansPremium add-on
Resources LimitsOnly limited by PHP workersVaries by plan
Multisite SupportPro plans and higherX
Weekly Automatic MySQL Database OptimizationX
Reverse Proxy SupportVPS plans
Redis Add-onX
Elasticsearch Add-onX
New Relic APM SupportOnly on managed AWS plans
Multilingual DashboardEnglish, Spanish, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, French, Swedish, Danish, JapanNot specified

It’s also worth mentioning that Media Temple has a long list of restrictions and unsupported features in its Statement of Support. This includes installing third-party scripts, apps, and SSL certificates.

Free Migrations

Another key aspect that distinguishes Kinsta from Media Temple is migrations. Kinsta’s team of experts handles the entire migration process for you, eliminating the need for you to deal with complex technology or risk losing critical data. 

In fact, we offer unlimited free migrations from Media Temple! Our hassle-free migrations offer a smooth, seamless process, whether you’re moving one site or 100! 

To get started, the only thing you need to do is complete our site migration request form. From there, our team will contact you to schedule a time based on minimizing downtime and disruptions. Also, you can easily track the migration status via your MyKinsta dashboard.

My overall experience has been extremely impressive thus far since moving my clients over a couple of months ago. Super support and excellent performance. I was also blown away at the speed and efficiency of the migration process of over 30 sites. All for free.

This is quite different from the migration experience you could expect as a Media Temple user. Media Temple doesn’t offer free migrations from other hosting providers. 

If you want its team to perform a migration for you, you’ll need to pay a fee for the on-demand service add-on ($150 per site), or purchase an Advanced Support subscription plan ($199 per month).

At Kinsta, our WordPress experts will move your site(s) for you free of charge, saving you both time and money.

Expert Support

At Kinsta, it doesn’t matter what plan you have or what time of day it is. We always put our clients first. Our experts are available 24/7 and always treat every issue as a mission-critical priority. 

We use the Intercom messaging platform to ensure that our communications are as convenient as possible. Plus, we always log discussions, so you’ll never find yourself repeating yourself to our agents. 

Kinsta support isn’t just convenient, it’s also incredibly quick. In fact, our average initial ticket response time is under two minutes!

Our rapid responses aren’t subpar either. Kinsta’s WordPress experts always provide knowledgeable advice and guidance, which is why our customer support ratings are so high.

For the past two years, nearly all of our customers left a chat support session happy or satisfied:

Kinsta’s WordPress hosting support conversation ratings chart.
Kinsta’s WordPress hosting support conversation ratings chart.

Kinsta also offers multilingual customer support, including a knowledge base with resources available in 10 languages.

I’ve worked with lots of customers on lots of hosting, nothing compares to Kinsta, especially in matters of speed, the site is crazy fast on it, ease of use as their back end is a joy to navigate and use, really user friendly interface with with all the info you could need at hand, and of course their GREAT support team, they’re greatly prepared to overcome anything you throw at them, and any other hosting support I’ve used pales in comparison to them, they REALLY know their stuff.

Media Temple doesn’t offer the same level of support, at least not without a fee. It has tiered support options, with Advanced Support subscription services available for $199 per month.

Safe and Secure

At Kinsta, we believe that security features are a staple of reliable hosting services. That is why we take active and passive measures to keep your site safe and secure from malicious intruders.

Kinsta monitors your site every two minutes for uptime, and puts software-based restrictions in place. We’re able to detect DDoS attacks as they happen, and stop malicious code from invading our network.

Some of the advanced security features we offer with our plans include:

We always act swiftly and communicate clearly. If we’re notified of a vulnerability on your site, we inform you ASAP to update you on the next steps. Also, in the event that something does happen to your site, we’ll fix it for free.

Unfortunately, this degree of high-level security isn’t included with all Media Temple plans. For example, to leverage a Web Application Firewall (WAF), you’ll need to buy a security pack add-on or purchase it as a standalone service. The same applies to disaster recovery, malware scanning and removal, and SSL certificates.

Kinsta Has a Global Presence

Kinsta has a massive global presence that includes 24 data centers (and counting) spanning five continents. Regardless of your plan, you can choose a different data center for each of your websites for free. 

Kinsta’s current locations include:

When it comes to data centers, Media Temple simply doesn’t compare. It only has servers located in California.

Turbocharging Your Content Delivery with Kinsta CDN

Kinsta understands the importance of website performance, which is why we include free bandwidth on all of our plans. Additionally, we’ve partnered with KeyCDN. This premium HTTP/2 and IPv6-enabled Content Delivery Network (CDN) is backed by a content delivery architecture designed for high throughput and low latency.

With Kinsta as your WordPress host, your content will be delivered and cached from our CDN’s 34 POPs across the globe. The locations span all major regions, including America, Asia, Europe, Australia, South America, and Africa!

Media Temple does not include a global CDN with its plans. That feature is only available as a part of its Security Pack service ($19 per month for one site), or as a standalone feature (for an additional $10 or $30 per month fee).

Best Affiliate Program in the Industry

At Kinsta, we value our customers and always go above and beyond to exceed your expectations. Our satisfied clients are often eager to help us spread the word about our valuable products and services, which has helped us become one of the fastest-growing managed WordPress hosting providers.

Our appreciation has helped to fuel our affiliate program — one of the highest-paying affiliate programs in the hosting industry. Whether you’re a blogger or Fortune 500 company, you can partner with us to benefit from true profit sharing and join in our earnings.

Kinsta affiliates can earn between $50 and $500 (depending on the plan) for each referred signup. You will receive a 10% monthly recurring commission for the lifetime of the referred customers. Given Kinsta’s impressively low 4% churn rate, this is a great opportunity to earn a passive income.

Also, we won’t make you deal with any confusing or complicated third-party platforms. We created our own unique WordPress hosting affiliate dashboard to make things clean, simple, and straightforward. 

Media Temple has an affiliate program. However, it is not as transparent about the payouts or earnings on its website, aside from claiming “unlimited earning potential”. It also runs this program through a third-party affiliate network.

Join Others Making the Switch to Kinsta

At Kinsta, we’re motivated by providing the fastest, latest, and most secure technology available. That’s why we’re always innovating and evolving.

For further proof, just check out our extensive list of feature updates! No other hosting provider releases new features, tools, and integrations with the speed and frequency that Kinsta does.

We are confident in our platform and service as a Media Temple alternative for WordPress hosting, and also want you to be completely satisfied as well. Therefore, we always offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and no long-term contracts.

If you’re ready to make the move away from Media Temple and switch to a better hosting provider, try out Kinsta risk-free for 30 days!