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Ecommerce Fraud Prevention: The 7 Worst Scams and How to Stop Them (10 Prevention Tools)

Online scams are daily security threats. Learn what Ecommerce Fraud Prevention is and how to use ecommerce fraud prevention tools to fully secure y...

How to Use CAPTCHAs to Keep Bots and Spammers Off Your WordPress Site

Learn how to enable WordPress captcha on your login forms, pages, and comemnts to keep spammers, bots, and undesired users off your WordPress site!

WordPress CCPA Compliance: Everything You Need to Know

CCPA is a law designed to provide Californians with more control over personal info. Make sure your business is in compliance or you could face hef...

Intro to Building Websites with Gatsby and WordPress (Fast and Static)

Want to know more about headless CMS, Gatsby, and WordPress? Learn how to create super fast websites powered by Gatsby and WordPress with this tuto...

Kinsta Kingpin: Interview with Sebastiaan van der Lans

WordPress and blockchain are coming together to make the internet a better place. Sebastiaan van der Lans told Kinsta all about it.

Scaling Kinsta to a Global WordPress Hosting Platform in 2019

2019 has been an extremely exciting and busy year here at Kinsta. Check out our year in review post to see our progress and what's in store for 2020.

How to Improve WordPress Search (and Speed It Up)

Despite its miniscule size, a WordPress search form holds a lot of power. In this guide, you'll learn how to improve search on your website and spe...

WordPress Breadcrumbs: How to Enable Them on Your WordPress Site

Need to improve your SEO and UX? Learn how to add WordPress breadcrumbs to your WordPress site using one of these easy-to-implement methods!

9 Powerful WordPress Migration Plugins (Move Your Site Safely in 2020)

At some point you may have to migrate your entire WordPress website. That's why we put together a list of the best WordPress migration plugins.

The Complete Guide to WordPress REST API Basics

The WordPress REST API is set to change the future of WordPress. Learn about the possibilities it offers and how to access it.

How to Add Google AdSense to WordPress (With Plugins and Manually)

Want to start displaying ads on your WordPress site?Learn how to add Google AdSense to WordPress using a plugin or by manually adding code to your...

10 Best FTP Clients for WordPress Users (Mac and Windows)

Finding the best FTP clients is important when it comes to managing and transferring files. We've done the work for you: pick the best FTP client now!