16 Lessons Learned Bootstrapping Kinsta From $0 to 7-Figures in Revenue

We’ve been asked a lot by our clients over the years why Kinsta was born, how we started it, and how we got to the level …

Kinsta Hires Brian Jackson to Help With Inbound Strategy

Kinsta is excited to welcome Brian Jackson as our new inbound marketing director. He will be helping us with our online marketing strategies, technical SEO, content creation, and community outreach.

How To Generate Business Leads Using BuiltWith

There are lots of tools out there on the web you can use for competitive analysis and lead generation, but my favorite one lately is BuiltWith​. It’s been around since 2007 and has been used by marketers at Google, Facebook, Twitter, New Relic, Adobe, and Amazon. But what’s it do?

Economics of the Web Hosting Industry

As someone who has been in the web hosting industry for years it got me thinking, if people understood the economics of hosting companies, would their …

Podcast: How the Hosting Industry Really Works with Sean O’Brien

I bet you are not 100% sure how the web hosting industry works, but it’s absolutely okay.

2015 Year in Review – Kinsta Insights

Last year marked our second full year in business, since our founding in December 2013. Starting a web hosting business is incredibly hard in an industry driven by large conglomerates with huge marketing budgets.

2016 WPShout Hosting Review Survey

WPShout has released their annual hosting review for 2016, and we are proud to have not only been included, but to have placed first in overall satisfaction among hosts that got enough survey responses to be included in the charts.

How Kinsta Saved Cyber Monday for Swagway

USA Today has declared hoverboards the “hottest, hardest-to-get gift for the holidays”, and Swagway is the clear market leader.