16 Lessons Learned Bootstrapping Kinsta From $0 to 7-Figures in Revenue

We’ve been asked a lot by our clients over the years why Kinsta was born, how we started it, and how we got to the level …

Kinsta Hires Brian Jackson to Help With Inbound Strategy

Kinsta is excited to welcome Brian Jackson as our new inbound marketing director. He will be helping us with our online marketing strategies, technical SEO, content creation, and community outreach.

Our Latest Guide: HTTP/2 Explained

At Kinsta we’re addicted to optimizing the load times of the websites hosted on our platform and we’ve released several tutorials, blog posts and guides on the topic previously.

Podcast: How the Hosting Industry Really Works with Sean O’Brien

I bet you are not 100% sure how the web hosting industry works, but it’s absolutely okay.

2015 Year in Review – Kinsta Insights

Last year marked our second full year in business, since our founding in December 2013. Starting a web hosting business is incredibly hard in an industry driven by large conglomerates with huge marketing budgets.

How Kinsta Saved Cyber Monday for Swagway

USA Today has declared hoverboards the “hottest, hardest-to-get gift for the holidays”, and Swagway is the clear market leader.

Kinsta Hires Former Pagely Exec Sean O’Brien

We are proud to announce that we have hired Sean O’Brien as our new Chief Operating Officer (COO) to help us expand in North America and in particular the United States.

Check Out Our Latest Guide About WordPress’ Licensing Model – the GPL

If you use WordPress, understanding the GPL should matter to you, because it defines how WordPress has to be utilized—by users and developers alike.

The Ultimate WordPress Guide You Should Read

Are you a real WordPress enthusiast? Do you work with WP and use it day by day? If so, our in-depth WordPress guide is dedicated to you!

Why Your Small Business Needs a Website

If you own a small business, you know that you have to be very smart about reaching out to both current and future customers.  After all, making your presence known in and around town is really the only way that you can compete with the big boys that would otherwise tower over you.