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Updated on May 09, 2018

The web hosting industry is unfortunately full of fake reviews because affiliates will say anything to get you to sign up with one of their partners to earn a hefty commission. This makes it really hard to select a hosting company that you can trust. Check out some independent reviews of Kinsta around the web that are as unbiased as possible. Nothing shows off Kinsta better than our own clients!

“Kinsta’s Performance Was Top Tier” – Review Signal

Kevin Ohashi from Review Signal recently published an independent review of 26 different WordPress hosting companies‘ performance. Response time, load testing and uptime were the main focus of this article that took months to complete and I’m happy to say that Kinsta was one of the best-performing companies (if not the best!).

It’s not a surprise that most large shared hosts have problems with traffic waves – after all, that’s why WordPress specialized hosting companies were born in the first place – but as you can clearly see from the results many of these premium hosts had troubles too. Hosts such as Pantheon, Cloudways, and Dreamhost all struggled on certain tests.

Kinsta had a perfect run at the Enterprise tier. This is why people shell out top dollar for Enterprise level hosting. Kinsta had perfect 100% uptime on both monitors. They also had 0 errors on both load tests and the lowest peak response time on the Load Storm test. A Top Tier Performance was rightly earned. – Review Signal

Read the full article here, lots of interesting data!

“Kinsta stuck out as a reader favorite this year!” – WPShout

Another site that’s famous for doing a survey of “honest, unbiased thoughts from hundreds of real WordPress site owners” is WPShout. During the one month period while the survey was open this year they received about 160 entries, then the creators of WPShout, Fred Meyer and David Hayes, took the time to evaluate each and every one of the entries and created a detailed report.

One thing is clear from the results: we truly do our best to make sure all of our clients are satisfied and this is clearly reflected in the results. That and our outstanding server performance:

Kinsta: “Extremely fast hosting. The control panel and some of the functionality are not 100% finished just yet, though.” “They truly work hard to ensure that the site is up and running, that it’s running fast and that I can get help with any issues related to hosting.” “The support is very responsive which largely makes up for the poor admin area.” “Fastest I’ve experienced, especially in the admin areas of two heavily modified WP sites.” “Blazing.”

One note: they were collecting the data about two months ago when we made the change to our new admin interface and since then we’ve made many many modifications to it. Shortly we’ll open it up for everyone (payment won’t be required to access it) so you’ll be able to take it for a spin and see it for yourselves! :)

Read the full article here!

Directly From Twitter:

Other Online Kinsta Reviews


When we founded Kinsta, we set out to disrupt the web hosting industry because we believed (and still do) that ground-shaking changes are overdue. I’m really glad to see that we’re on the right track and we’ll make sure to always stay true to our values and our clients. I’d like to say thank you to all of you who have signed up for a Kinsta account and left such amazing reviews everywhere about us. It’s really appreciated.

This article was written by Mark Gavalda
Mark has many years of experience leading teams in the fields of marketing, web design and development. As a dev guy he used his WP expertise to collect the know-hows of creating a reliable and customer friendly hosting company to satisfy the increasing demand of clients. He is an urban cyclist and autodidact who never stops learning new skills.

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