We’re delighted to announce the addition of a new Dallas, Texas, location to Kinsta’s list of customer-accessible Google Cloud Platform data centers!

This new Dallas data center location is already available on all plans for free, along with our 37 other locations spread across the globe. By choosing a location close to their userbase, Kinsta customers can count on significantly reduced latency, meaning faster load times for all their visitors.

If you’d like to set Dallas as your data center, just follow these steps in MyKinsta:

  1. Navigate to your MyKinsta dashboard, click on the Sites option on the left sidebar, and then Add Site to create a new site.
  2. Once there, select Dallas US (us-south1) as your preferred location option from the dropdown menu.
A screenshot of MyKinsta showing the "Add Site" location drop-down set to "Dallas US (us-south1)".
Host your WordPress site in Dallas, Texas.

All Kinsta-hosted sites enjoy the use of Google Cloud Platform’s C2 VMs on top of the benefits of a low-latency Premium Tier network. Combined with a selection of 37 data center locations to choose from, Kinsta’s managed WordPress hosting is the easy choice for anyone seeking a boost to their site’s speed.