If you’re obsessed with speed (like we are at Kinsta), you should know that the closer your servers are to your target customers and users, the faster they’ll experience your website. That’s why whenever a new data center location is made available, we’re thrilled to share the news with you.

And today is that day! We’re happy to announce that a new data center location is in fact now available to all Kinsta customers and on all plans: Melbourne, Australia.

The new data center option will help Kinsta customers targeting users primarily in the APAC region to deliver lightning-fast pages to them.

Here’s how to enable it.

In the MyKinsta dashboard, when creating a new site, select Melbourne (AU) as your preferred location option from the menu.

Set Melbourne, AU as your data center in MyKinsta
Host your WordPress site in Melbourne, Australia.

With 37 data center locations to choose from and the speed of Google’s low-latency Premium Tier network, Kinsta is a great option to host your WordPress sites.

Have no idea how to choose the best location for your site? Check out this quick tutorial.