The more Google Cloud Platform’s extensive network of high-performance data centers keeps expanding, the more options we’re thrilled to make available to Kinsta customers.

If you’re targeting eastern Europe with your business, we have great news for you: Warsaw, Poland is now a data center location you can choose at Kinsta. Starting today, the new Warsaw data center is available to all Kinsta customers, on all plans.

This new data center location is the seventh available in Europe, joining Belgium (BE), Eemshaven (NL), Finland (FI), Frankfurt (DE), London (UK), Zürich (CH).

Here’s how to select it.

In the MyKinsta dashboard, select Warsaw (PL) for the location when creating a new site.

Host your WordPress site in Warsaw, Poland.
Host your WordPress site in Warsaw, Poland.

With 37 data center locations to choose from, Kinsta lets you host your WordPress site in a location that’s close to your visitors.

This means you can enjoy the benefits of Google’s low-latency Premium Tier network no matter where you are! Have no idea how to choose the best location for your site? Check out this quick tutorial.