When the owners of Expedition Escape experienced their first escape room game, in downtown Philadelphia, they were immediately hooked (it was 2015)!

As they walked out of the game, they turned to each other knowing they wanted to recreate the same experience and do it even better than what they had just experienced.

The Problem

They were spending too much time on site maintenance and wanted to focus on their business.

“Our website ExpeditionEscape.com is the most important tool for our business. Most customers find us by searching online. From there, reservations are made right online through our website. It’s very important that our website is super-fast and up since any downtime could mean a loss of business and a bad experience for our visitors.” says Skylar Zarzecki, owner of Expedition Escape.

Initially, they were managing their own website because of the hosting provider they were using at that time. But problems quickly started to pop up as their site started to increase in popularity.

Handling site maintenance simply became a tedious, resource-consuming task they needed to address quickly.

The Solution

They consulted with ParaByte Digital, a SEO and digital marketing company, and decided to move to Kinsta.

“That’s why we partnered with ParaByte Digital, who has helped us with our website SEO and digital marketing activities. They started monitoring our website’s performance and, after a lot of time spent working with different WordPress plugins, they understood the culprit was the host. Specifically, supporting site changes proved to be extremely difficult due to how the host had set up our site.” says Zarzecki.

ParaByte recommended that they move their site to Kinsta since it’s built for high-performance WordPress sites and offered a lot of features they would need like uptime checks every 3 minutes, automatic scaling, and 24/7 support from WordPress experts. Our support team handled the entire process of moving the site to our servers with absolutely no downtime by setting up a staging development site which allowed us to make all the necessary changes before moving their live site.

The Result

“Since moving our WordPress website to Kinsta, we have seen an increase in traffic to our site, an increase in conversions, better search rankings, and an increase in calls for reservations. Our website traffic grew from 11k to 16k visits a month on average, our conversion rates increased, revenue has increased month over month, and our organic rankings for our main keywords have made it to the top of Google’s local search.” says Zarzecki.

For Expedition Escapes, finding a host that was lightning-fast, has 5-star support, and completely takes care site management unlocked a brand new level of growth for their business.