Every time a new version of PHP is released we all get excited because it usually brings in new, interesting features and performance improvements. That’s exactly what happened with PHP 8.1, which was not only released on November 25, 2021, but is now available at Kinsta for all environments.

Before updating your PHP version to PHP 8.1, we’d like to remind you a few things:

And now, let’s see how to enable PHP 8.1 on your sites!

How to Switch to PHP 8.1

To upgrade to PHP 8.1, log in to MyKinsta and navigate to your site’s Tools tab.

Under the PHP Engine option, click Modify and choose PHP 8.1 from the dropdown menu:

PHP 8.1
Switching to PHP 8.1 in MyKinsta

The upgrade process will take a few minutes and it’ll require your PHP engine to restart. This will make your WordPress backend unavailable for a few seconds only. Your visitors won’t experience any issues at all.

Once the upgrade has successfully finished, you’ll receive a notification directly in MyKinsta.

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