Dev environment questions

How to Switch Your WordPress Site From HHVM to PHP

Kinsta is phasing out HHVM. Because of this, we are requiring that all clients using HHVM switch their sites to PHP. Today we'll walk you through t...

How to Use Git at Kinsta

Follow the instructions in this tutorial to get up and running with Git at Kinsta. You can easily clone and deploy your repo in no time with a few...

What is the External IP Address of my WordPress Site?

Click here to find out how to find your WordPress site's external IP address which is required for some third-party integrations.

How to Add A Record With GoDaddy

Struggling with how to add A record with GoDaddy? We'll show you the whole process from start to finish with tons of screenshots.

How to Change GoDaddy Nameservers

DNS can sometimes be a confusing process. Follow our quick and easy tutorial on how to change GoDaddy nameservers and point them to Kinsta.

How to Download Older Versions of WordPress Plugins

Run into an issue with a plugin update or conflict on your site? Check out these four simple ways on how to download older versions of WordPress pl...

How to Add Redirect Rules for Your WordPress Sites

Follow this tutorial on how to easily add redirect rules (301 and 302) in MyKinsta for your WordPress sites. You can also bulk import redirect rules.

How To White Label Your Kinsta WordPress Admin

Agencies can now change the branding on our Kinsta cache plugin. Check out this tutorial on how to white label your Kinsta WordPress admin.

How to Easily Clone Your WordPress Site

Kinsta makes cloning a breeze! Check out this quick and easy tutorial on how to clone your WordPress site with just a few clicks.

How to Create and Modify a WordPress Cron Job

Cron jobs are used to schedule repetitive commands and tasks. Check out this quick and easy tutorial on how to create, modify, and run a WordPress...

How to Restore MySQL Database Using phpMyAdmin

Perhaps you are migrating WordPress hosts or doing local development. Check out this quick tutorial on how to restore MySQL database using phpMyAdmin.

How to Backup MySQL Database Using phpMyAdmin

Perhaps you want a 2nd backup or need to migrate WordPress hosts. Check out this quick and easy tutorial on how to backup MySQL database using phpM...