Dev environment questions

How to Backup MySQL Database (2 Incredibly Easy Methods)

Perhaps you want a 2nd backup or need to migrate WordPress hosts. In this tutorial we share with you two incredibly easy ways to backup your MySQL...

How to Restore a WordPress Backup to Staging

Need to recover something from a backup without modifying your live site? Kinsta has a feature in which you can restore a WordPress backup to staging.

How to Add A Record with Namecheap

Editing DNS records can sometimes be confusing. Follow our quick and easy tutorial on how to add an A record with Namecheap and point your site to...

How to Enable Custom New Relic Tracking

New Relic is a monitoring tool that gives you detailed performance breakdowns on a granular level. Check out how to use custom New Relic tracking a...

How to Clear DNS Cache (Windows, Mac, Chrome)

Encountering 404 errors on your WordPress site? This could be due to a DNS change. Follow our tutorial on how to clear DNS cache on your computer.

Kinsta MU Plugin

The Kinsta MU (must use plugin) has been designed to work on our WordPress hosting platform. It handles our full page caching and Kinsta CDN integr...

Do you support HTTP/2 (HTTP2)?

Our FAQ on HTTP/2 can be found here.

How Do I View My Access and WordPress Error Logs?

Logs can be very helpful when troubleshooting and debugging issues. Click here to find out how to view your access and WordPress error logs with Ki...

How to Install Cloudflare on Your WordPress Site

Check out this tutorial on how to install Cloudflare on your WordPress site, along with the official WordPress plugin to utilize built-in features.

How to Load Your WordPress Site Over a Reverse Proxy

A reverse proxy consists of a set of rules added to a web server which instruct the server to send requests for a given subdirectory to a separate...