Dev environment questions

WordPress phpMyAdmin – How Do I Use It?

Kinsta provides easy access to WordPress phpMyAdmin on all hosting plans. Click here to find out how to access it and use it to run queries on your...

Does Kinsta Support * (Wildcard) Setups?

Kinsta supports WordPress multisite installations on our Pro plans and higher, as well as custom wildcard SSL certificates.

What is Kinsta’s WordPress Temporary URL?

Use this page to learn about Kinsta's WordPress temporary URL which allows you to immediately access it even before you point your own domain at it.

Why is my Fresh Install Redirecting to the URL?

Use this page to learn why your fresh install is redirecting to our temporary URL. You will need to update your WordPress and Site address.

How Do I Use the One-Click WordPress Staging Environment?

Read this quick and easy tutorial on how to use the one-click WordPress staging environment feature at Kinsta. Copy your live WordPress site to dev...

Do You Have a List of Banned and Incompatible Plugins?

We continuously update our list of banned and incompatible plugins that are not allowed or won't work in the Kinsta environment.

How to Clear WordPress Cache On Your Site

This is a quick tutorial on how to clear WordPress cache. The Kinsta MU plugin is installed by default and you can clear it from the MyKinsta dashb...

Can I Get a Dedicated IP?

Use this page to learn about dedicated IP addresses at Kinsta. The IPv4 address of your WordPress site can be found on in your MyKinsta dashboard

Do You Support WordPress Multisite?

Kinsta does support WordPress multisite installations on our Pro and higher plans. If you're on a Starter plan you'll need to upgrade to utilize mu...

Do You Provide Root Access?

Use this page to learn more about root access at Kinsta.