Articles by Carlo Daniele

Carlo is a passionate lover of webdesign and front-end development. He has been playing with WordPress for over 10 years, also in collaboration with Italian and European universities and educational institutions. He has written dozens of articles and guides about WordPress, published both on Italian and international websites, as well as on printed magazines. You can find Carlo on Twitter.

Twenty Twenty: An Introduction to the New Default WordPress Theme

WordPress 5.3 introduced Twenty Twenty, a theme focused on the the Block Editor Gutenberg. Learn all the key features of the Twenty Twenty theme!

What’s New in PHP 7.4 (Features, Deprecations, Speed)

PHP 7.4 is coming with new features, deprecations, and a boost in performance. Check this in-depth overview of what's new in PHP 7.4!

How to Disable WordPress Plugins From Loading on Specific Pages and Posts

Check out how to disable WordPress plugins on specific pages and posts. This helps increase the speed of your site and provides a better user exper...

Introduction to the Twenty Nineteen Theme (Theming for Gutenberg)

Twenty Nineteen is the brand new WordPress 5.0 default theme and it's all about Gutenberg. Check out what's new in theme development with Gutenberg.

What’s New in PHP 7.3 (Now Available at Kinsta)

PHP 7.3 is here and with it comes new features, deprecations, bug fixes, and a boost in performance. Check this in-depth overview of what's new in...

What’s New in PHP 7.2 (Now Available)

PHP 7.2 is now available at Kinsta with new features, functions, and improvements that will allow us to write better code. Check out the changes.

How to Optimize the Critical Rendering Path in WordPress

The Critical Rendering Path is the sequence of tasks the browser performs to render a page to the screen. Why is it critical and how can we optimiz...

What’s New in WordPress 4.9

WordPress 4.9 marks a step toward a more user-centric way to customize your site, including customizer improvements, code editing, and new widget f...

How to Use WordPress IFTTT Recipes to Automate Your Workflow

WordPress IFTTT recipes create connections between WordPress and a huge number of web services allowing you to automate a lot of your online activity.

A Deep Dive Into WordPress User Roles and Capabilities

A deep dive into the concepts of WordPress user roles and capabilities from both developer's and user's perspectives. Check out these concrete exam...

Why and How to Publish a Plugin to the WordPress Plugin Directory

Launching a new and exciting WordPress plugin? Check out this in-depth tutorial on why and how to publish a plugin to the WordPress plugin directory.

How to Create a WordPress Widget From Scratch

Widgets are blocks of content that can be added to front-end pages such as sidebars. Follow this tutorial on how to create a WordPress widget from...