Articles by Carlo Daniele

Carlo is a freelance front-end designer and developer. When he writes articles and tutorials, Carlo mainly deals with web standards, but when he plays with websites his best workmate is WordPress.

A Developer’s Introduction to the Twenty Seventeen Theme

With the release of WordPress 4.7, also came the new Twenty Seventeen theme. More than all its predecessors, the new default theme is highly customizable for …

A Look at the New Amazon Associates Link Builder for WordPress

Amazon Associates Link Builder is Amazon’s official plugin that provides an easy way to monetize content by linking items on Amazon’s websites

Dissecting the WordPress TinyMCE Editor

An in-depth dissection of WordPress TinyMCE editor: what it is, how we can add functionalities and how we can create our custom plugins

A Deeper Look Into the WordPress Text Editor

WordPress users have two editors to choose from: the TinyMCE visual editor and the WordPress text editor. In this post we will have a look at how to get the most from the WordPress text editor.

Enhancing WordPress Custom Menus for Navigation

Custom navigation menus are an amazing feature that allows admin users to add any list of links anywhere into the site. In this post I will dive deep into this feature and show you how to create a WordPress custom menu and enhance the menu screen like a pro.

A Deep Dive Into WordPress Automatic Updates

In order to keep your website secure, it’s mandatory to perform regular updates of WordPress core, themes and plugins. If updating WordPress is an annoying and complex job for you, consider to streamline the upgrade process and keep secure your website with WordPress automatic updates.

In-Depth Look at WordPress Permalinks and URL Rewriting

WordPress provides a fully fledged URL rewriting system which allows site admins to set basic and advanced semantic, usable, accessible and SEO-friendly URLs. In this post we’ll dive deep into WordPress permalinks, from the basic user-level functionalities to the more advanced features of the Rewrite API.

How to Share Logins and Users Between Multiple WordPress Sites

In some situations you may want your site’s users to access another website with the same roles and with no need of additional subscription. In this post I will show you how to get the job done with Wordpress and what you have to know before you get your hands dirty.

wp-config.php File – An In-Depth View on How to Configure WordPress

Database connection, security settings and advanced features: let’s dive deep into wp-config.php file to set-up WordPress at its best

Building Efficient WordPress Queries with WP_Query

When traffic and content are limited, we don’t care about query speed. But when site content grows up to thousands of posts, we must consider the query execution time. In this post I will focus on those parameters provided by the WP_Query class specifically to optimize the SQL queries, reducing execution time and resource consumption.