Articles by Rachel McCollin

Rachel McCollin has been helping people build websites with WordPress since 2010. She's a huge fan of self-hosted WordPress and wants to help as many people as possible create an awesome website with it.

How to Fix the WordPress Not Sending Emails Issue (+ Tips on How to Fix It with Most Used Contact Form Plugins)

If your WordPress site is not sending emails, it's because of your contact form or server setup. Here's an in-depth guide on how to fix it

A Complete Guide on xmlrpc.php in WordPress (What It Is, Security Risks, How to Disable It)

Why does WordPress still have the xmlrpc.php file? Should you disable it for security reasons? Learn more about what xmlrpc.php is in this in-depth...

How to Quickly Change (Or Reset) WordPress Passwords

Need to change or reset your WordPress passwords? Here's the definitive guide to doing it via the admin screens, FTP, phpMyAdmin, SQL, and more.

The Ultimate Guide to Using WordPress Permalinks

WordPress permalinks can be unwieldy by default. Learn how to set up pretty permalinks that will boost your SEO rankings and UX.

Recommended WordPress Multisite Plugins (Network Management, Migrations, and Backups)

Learn about the best WordPress multisite plugins for managing your network and for backing up and migrating sites in your multisite network.

How to Stop WordPress Spam Comments (Built-In Features, Spam Plugins, Captcha, and WAF)

Spam comments can be very annoying and a big waste of time. Plus they can negatively affect your reputation. Learn how you can stop WordPress spam...

27 Popular SSH Commands for WordPress Users to Start Using in 2020

Connecting via SSH is secure, fast, and convenient. Learn the most popular SSH commands for accessing WordPress via SSH and get more work done, fas...

How to Add Schema Markup to WordPress and WooCommerce Sites (SEO Plugins vs Manually)

Schema markup gives search engines more context about your site, can help boost CTR, and SEO rankings. Check out how to add schema markup to WordPr...

The Developer’s Guide to Start Using SSH (Connect to Your Server Securely)

Using SSH to access your WordPress site will make you a more efficient developer. Learn how to do it with this in-depth guide.

How to Do a WordPress Migration on Your Own (with No Downtime)

Need to move your WordPress site to a new host? Check this in-depth guide on how to migrate a WordPress site yourself (step-by-step + plugins).

The Complete Guide to WordPress Widgets: How to Use, Add, and Implement Them to Customize Your Site

Use WordPress widgets to enhance your site: add a login on sidebar, a cta button, a gallery. Learn how to add, use, and code WordPress widgets from...

DDoS Attacks Explained: Causes, Effects, and How to Protect Your Site

DDoS protection is a necessity for all sites. But what's a DDoS attack? How can you stop attacks to your site? Learn more in this guide about DDoS...