When you add an application, you can choose to use a Docker image or a Git repository. A Git repository is a directory or storage space where a Git project’s files and version history are stored. It contains all the files and directories associated with a project, along with metadata and version control information managed by Git.

In a Git repository, developers can track file changes over time, create and manage branches, collaborate with others, and synchronize changes.

With Kinsta, you can choose to use a public Git repository without authentication; however, it’s important that you evaluate code quality and security and adhere to licensing and compliance requirements. You can also use a private Git repository from any (or all) of the following service providers: 

When you connect to a private Git repository, you must authorize/grant access to Kinsta to verify your identity and access your Git repositories.

You can also use your Git service provider login with Single-Sign-On (SSO) to sign up or log in to MyKinsta.

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