Quick Start Templates

To help get you started and provide examples of minimal applications, we’ve created several Hello World repositories in GitHub that you can fork and deploy on Kinsta.

You need a GitHub account to access the quick start templates; however, if you’re using a different Git provider like Bitbucket or GitLab, check out our guides for importing a GitHub repository into either git service:

You also need to create a MyKinsta account to deploy the applications.



JavaScript Frameworks






Static Site Examples

With Kinsta’s Static Site Hosting, you can deploy static sites composed of non-dynamic files such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Your repository can contain the pre-built files or the source code to generate your static site.

We have the following static site quick start templates in our GitHubrepository, which you can use to create a new repository and deploy on Kinsta. All of these quick start templates also work on Kinsta’s Application Hosting without any additional configuration. If you use Application Hosting, the Start command can be left blank for the web process as Kinsta automatically detects the required command during the first deployment.

Other Static Site Examples

The following quick start guides use static site generators that are better suited for our Application Hosting because they use something other than Node.js to generate the static site: