Kinsta’s list of customer-accessible Google Cloud Platform’s data center locations keeps growing! We’re excited to share that we’ve just added Columbus, Ohio to the list, and it’s available to all Kinsta customers right now.

With the addition of Columbus, our total number of data center locations accessible to customers has risen to 36. The closer your server is physically to your user base, the faster your site will load; your users will experience far less latency.

To set Columbus as your data center in MyKinsta, just follow these steps:

A screenshot of MyKinsta showing the "Add Site" location drop-down set to "Columbus (US East 5)".
Host your WordPress site in Columbus, Ohio.
  1. Navigate to your MyKinsta dashboard, click on the Sites option on the left sidebar, and then Add Site to create a new site.
  2. Once there, select Columbus (US East 5) as your preferred location option from the dropdown menu.

Powered by both Google Cloud Platform’s C2 VMs and a low-latency Premium Tier network — and with 36 total data center locations to choose from — Kinsta’s managed WordPress hosting is the ideal solution for those looking to boost their WordPress site’s speed.