Thanks to different user roles, Kinsta customers have full control of fine-tuning user access to websites that belong under their accounts. This addresses the needs of all professionals involved in a website but leaves projects hand-offs still an additional procedure for which you had to get help from our Customer Support team.

Regardless of how fast our support agents can be (they are extremely fast!), we knew this approach wasn’t optimal and we had plenty of room for improvement.

That’s why today we’re releasing new additional enhancements that make transferring sites to a different account within MyKinsta way easier and more powerful!

Introducing Kinsta’s Enhanced Site Transfer Tool

At Kinsta, we live and breathe development and that’s why we’re always busy working on new features and tools that should help our customers streamline processes and, ultimately, make their life easier.

That’s exactly the goal of the improved version of our Site Transfer Tool. Thanks to it, company owners and company administrators can now:

  • Transfer accounts to new company accounts
  • Send transfer requests to non-Kinsta users
  • Suggest a preferred plan
  • Earn additional affiliate commissions

All directly from within MyKinsta.

Project Hand-Offs Have Never Been Easier

Imagine this: you’re an agency or freelance developer who chose Kinsta as their preferred hosting solution.

You’re working on a custom plugin for a client’s website, which you created in your Kinsta account, to be able to take advantage of all the features and tools you’re familiar with, like one-click staging environments and Kinsta’s free APM tool.

When your development work is done, you’ll now have the opportunity to initiate a site transfer to your client’s account directly from your MyKinsta account:

Click the Transfer site button to begin transferring your site to another company.
Click the Transfer site button to begin transferring your site to another company.

Another pretty common use case would be for those businesses owners who hire developers or agencies to help them with regular maintenance tasks. With the enhanced Site Transfer tool, you — the business owner — will be able to move your website to your preferred developer’s or agency’s account in a matter of a few clicks.

Transfer Sites to Anyone, Even Outside of Kinsta

To make site transfers really powerful, the latest release of our Site Transfer Tool allows you to initiate transfers to both Kinsta accounts and non-Kinsta accounts. All you need to transfer a site successfully is the email address of the destination company, which is the company account you’d like to transfer the site to.

Based on whether the destination company’s email is already associated with a company account at Kinsta, they will receive an email covering the required steps in order for them to accept the site transfer.

This frees your workflows from being confined within account limitations and allows you to transfer sites even to users who don’t have a Kinsta account yet:

Site transfer email with no plan recommended.
Site transfer email with no plan recommended.

Suggest the Perfect Plan

But we haven’t stopped here. To make site transfers better tailored to user needs, you’ll be able to suggest a plan when initiating a site transfer so that your client, for example, already sees which solution you think could work best for them.

Site transfer email with a recommended plan..
Site transfer email with a recommended plan.

Important: when starting a site transfer with a suggested plan to another company, the recipients of your transfer aren’t bound to accept your suggestion and are 100% free to disregard your suggestions and pick other options.

Earn Commissions

If you’ve enrolled in Kinsta’s Affiliate Program, you’ll have the opportunity to add your affiliate ID when suggesting a plan through a site transfer. This way you’ll be able to earn additional recurring commissions if the recipient of your request ends up creating an account at Kinsta. 


We’re thrilled to release today the latest version of Kinsta’s Site Transfer Tool and make it available for free on all plans. Thanks to it, moving a site you’ve worked on and passing it to your clients, or assigning it to the agency you’ve hired to help take care of your site maintenance, becomes a quick and easy task requiring only a few clicks. All happening as an integrated experience within MyKinsta.

Make sure to read our documentation on how to transfer a site to another company in MyKinsta.

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