How can you start earning commissions and building a source of recurring revenue with the Kinsta Affiliate program and its commissions?

We want to help you maximize the results you get from your efforts. To that end, we’re going to share 16+ affiliate marketing tips to help you generate more sales, increase your conversion rates, and just generally better promote Kinsta.

Because the Kinsta affiliate program offers recurring commissions, these tips will not just help you increase your one-time commissions, but they’ll also help you build a recurring revenue stream that will keep paying you in the future.

Let’s dig in so that you can start promoting…

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16+ Affiliate Marketing Tips to Earn Money With Kinsta

1. Add Kinsta “Powered” Links and Banners to Your Footer

Affiliate marketing tips: An example of a Kinsta "Powered By" link

An example of a Kinsta “Powered By” link

One of the simplest ways to drive traffic to Kinsta is to include a “Powered by Kinsta” link or banner in the footer of your WordPress site.

While it’s in a relatively unobtrusive position, you’d be surprised by the number of people who will click through these links.

Your regular readers return to your site because they respect your opinions and knowledge, so seeing that your own sites are powered by Kinsta will naturally attract their attention.

On most modern WordPress themes, you can add content to your footer using the WordPress widget system. Make sure to follow best practices for affiliate links. Namely, using the rel=”nofollow” attribute, or following Google’s more recent advise to use the rel=s”sponsored” attribute.

2. Link to Conversion-Optimized Landing Pages

If you want to maximize your affiliate sales, you shouldn’t just be concerned with the number of clicks that you can drive to Kinsta, you also need to consider the conversion rate of the traffic that you send to Kinsta.

Now, we make sure that every marketing page on Kinsta is optimized for conversions, but the highest-converting Kinsta page will still depend on what type of traffic you’re sending.

For example, if you’re writing a post about creating a WooCommerce store, you’ll likely have a better conversion rate if you link to our dedicated WooCommerce hosting landing page rather than our generic homepage.

The WooCommerce hosting page is optimized specifically to convert people who are interested in your content (WooCommerce, in this case). That means you can achieve a higher conversion rate just by changing where you send your affiliate clicks.

Here are some links to our conversion-optimized pages for various scenarios:

3. Add a Kinsta Banner to Your Sidebar

If your site has a sidebar area, another easy way to promote Kinsta is to add a banner to your sidebar. In the Kinsta affiliate dashboard, you’ll find a number of pre-made banners in different sizes including:

You can pick the size that works for your site and download a banner that’s optimized for your audience.

Affiliate marketing tips: An example of a Kinsta sidebar banner

Example of Kinsta banners you can choose from

4. Write a Detailed Kinsta Review

Writing your own Kinsta review is one of the best ways that you can promote Kinsta. It not only helps you rank in Google, but it also gives you something that you can link to when you recommend Kinsta in other content on your site.

As for writing the review itself, you’ll want to focus your review on the features that your visitors find to be the most important.

For example, if you have an audience of hard-core WordPress users who live and breathe performance, you’ll likely want to focus on Kinsta’s server architecture and hands-on performance tests.

On the other hand, if you have a casual audience of users who are launching their first WordPress websites, you’ll probably want to focus on how easy Kinsta makes it to install WordPress and get up and running.

Authority Hacker also has some excellent tips on writing persuasive product reviews.

You can also find inspiration from this page where we curate reviews and media coverage.

5. Update Your Review Regularly

In order to make the Kinsta hosting experience even better, we’re constantly rolling out new features and tools.

For example, we’ve significantly increased the number of available data centers, added useful tools to the Kinsta dashboard, and more.

If you want your Kinsta review to be as persuasive as possible, you should ensure that it’s always accurate to the most current list of Kinsta features because those new features might play a role in converting a visitor into a Kinsta customer.

To stay abreast of changes to the Kinsta platform, you can subscribe to our weekly newsletter or regularly visit the feature updates page.

6. Promote the MyKinsta Demo

The MyKinsta dashboard

The MyKinsta dashboard

While many hosting affiliates focus primarily on performance, prospective hosting customers are often just as concerned about usability and user experience.

Again, this is especially true if you have a lot of readers who are just getting into creating websites or using WordPress.

But at the same time, advanced users will also appreciate some of the more advanced tools, like the detailed usage analytics and staging environments.

One of the biggest selling points here is the custom-built Kinsta hosting dashboard (MyKinsta), which most users will find to offer a better user experience than generic solutions like cPanel or Plesk.

So when you’re promoting Kinsta on your site, make a point to promote the MyKinsta dashboard, as well.

There are a few ways you can do this.

First, you can link to the aforementioned MyKinsta landing page, which highlights key features. You can also link to the free MyKinsta demo, which lets people try out the MyKinsta dashboard with demo information.

Second, you can promote the MyKinsta dashboard with your own content.

One way would be to take screenshots and annotate them to highlight key features. Or, you can use a simple tool like Loom to record a video screencast that showcases your favorite features.

Just remember to blur key details if you’re sharing your own Kinsta dashboard.

7. Drive Traffic to Localized Sites (For International Affiliates)

Did you know that Kinsta offers its core website in ten different languages?

Data shows that most users prefer to browse and shop in their native language whenever possible. So if you’re promoting Kinsta to an audience whose native language isn’t English, you’ll likely have better results if you drive traffic to one of Kinsta’s localized sites rather than the English version.

Kinsta currently offers localized sites for:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. German
  4. French
  5. Italian
  6. Dutch
  7. Portuguese
  8. Danish
  9. Swedish
  10. Japanese

You can switch between sites by using the language switcher in the bottom-right corner.

8. Leverage Your Other Channels (Email and Social Media)

So far, a lot of our tips have focused on what you can do with your own website, but don’t forget other channels where you can connect with your audience such as your email list or social media accounts.

In addition to promoting your own content, like your Kinsta review (or other blog posts that promote Kinsta), you can also promote content on the Kinsta blog that includes your affiliate link.

While the Kinsta blog is designed to provide value in the form of free content, it’s also built to convert readers into Kinsta customers.

By linking to Kinsta blog content with your affiliate link, you can promote Kinsta in a natural way that still provides value to your subscribers, while also giving you a chance to earn a commission.

9. Promote Kinsta’s Annual Discount (Two Months Free)

Kinsta doesn’t offer coupons or Black Friday deals, but Kinsta does have an ever-running discount that you can promote:

Kinsta's yearly plan offer two months of free hosting

Kinsta’s yearly plan offers two months of free hosting

If visitors purchase a year upfront, they can get two months free (which equates to about a ~17% discount).

10. Highlight Kinsta’s Real-Life Reviews

When you’re promoting any offer, reviews and testimonials are one of the best strategies to convert potential customers.

Your own Kinsta review is one data point, but showing other happy customers will add more weight to your recommendations.

Kinsta has its own dedicated landing pages that shows Kinsta reviews from real customers. The nice thing about using this page is that you’re able to include your affiliate link when you share it.

Kinsta also ranks quite well on third-party review sites, which is a great way to add social proof from an independent source. For example, Kinsta has been rated #1 in the top managed WordPress hosting by G2:

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Affiliate marketing tips: G2's report on the top managed WordPress hosting providers

G2’s report on the top managed WordPress hosting providers

But also on Trustpilot Kinsta scores a 4.8/5 with over 242+ reviews, with 94% of reviewers giving Kinsta a perfect five stars.

Of course, the downside of linking to a third-party source is that you might miss out on the chance to promote your affiliate link, so the dedicated Kinsta landing page is a safer bet.

Another persuasive method can be to embed/screenshot positive Kinsta reviews from Twitter or Facebook. If you go this route, make sure to ask for permission and/or blur out any identifying information.

11. Create a Tools/Resources Page and Include Kinsta There

We covered this a bit when we mentioned adding a “powered by” link to your footer…but, because your readers respect your opinions (since they read your content), they’ll also be interested in the tools that you use.

Here’s the perfect example from Ben, founder at Compete Themes:

Affiliate marketing tips: Example of a Tools page

Example of a Tools page from

To promote the tools that you use (and explain why you use them in more detail), you can create a dedicated tools/resources page and list Kinsta there, among the other services that you use.

This gives you a chance to both include your affiliate link and link to your Kinsta review to share with readers why you recommend Kinsta.

12. Update Old Blog Posts to Include Kinsta (Where Relevant)

When it comes to promoting Kinsta, don’t forget about one of the biggest resources that you already have:

Your existing content catalog.

While it’s great to write a brand new Kinsta review and promote Kinsta in your blog posts going forward, you shouldn’t ignore all of your existing posts that likely already receive traffic.

Go back through your best-performing posts and see if there are any natural opportunities to promote Kinsta in those posts.

While doing that, you can also assess whether those existing posts could do with an update, which can help give them a search engine rankings boost and improve your WordPress SEO. If you do so, you’ll get more eyeballs on your Kinsta links as your traffic will increase.

13. Promote Kinsta to Your Clients (For Consultants)

If you consult with clients and/or build websites for a living, you can promote Kinsta directly in your interactions and explain the value in using a managed WordPress hosting like Kinsta.

When you’re speaking directly to clients, you’ll likely want to focus on the business argument for Kinsta. You can highlight how features like quality support, excellent performance, and useful tools can actually save your clients money at the end of the day.

14. Promote Kinsta in Your Podcast

If you have a podcast, you can mention Kinsta as a hosting solution in the audio and then include your Kinsta affiliate link in the show notes.

15. Mention Kinsta’s 15% Nonprofit Discount (If Working With Non-Profits/NGO’s)

If you work with any nonprofit organizations or NGOs  —or if your content resonates with individuals from these types of organizations —, don’t forget to mention that Kinsta offers a 15% discount on hosting for nonprofits.

You can also link directly to the Kinsta landing page that’s dedicated to nonprofits.

16. Join Our Private Facebook Group

If you’re looking for more tips and an active community to keep you up-to-date with more examples and ideas to improve your affiliate marketing, don’t forget to join our Facebook affiliate group.

Additional Affiliate Tips for Promoting Kinsta

Finally, let’s finish with a few general affiliate marketing tips to help you maximize your promotion efforts:

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With the affiliate marketing tips in this post, you’ll be able to more effectively promote Kinsta, boost your conversion rates, and earn more commissions.

Because the Kinsta affiliate program offers both signup commissions and lifetime recurring commissions, these tips will pay dividends both now and in the future.

Start implementing them today and begin growing your own stream of passive recurring revenue. Not in our affiliate program yet? Join now!

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