Client country: Japan

To do well in Japan as an international company, you need thorough local understanding, dedication, as well as smart strategies, and dependable service. Custom Media, a full-service B2B agency, excels in these areas.

They focus on marketing strategies that successfully connect Japan with global markets using creativity and storytelling. Their key techniques help business-to-business companies make a strong impact in Japan. With over 15 years of experience, they are skilled at helping international brands meet their business goals.

Custom Media combines creative ideas and data-focused tactics to deliver real results for clients like Grand Thornton, Mori Building, BMW, and Mitsubishi Estate.

Find out how Custom Media improved the loading speeds of their clients’ websites, maintaining 99.9% uptime throughout the year. In our talk with Brian Susantio, Custom Media’s Chief Technology Officer, we discover how dependable and secure website hosting can significantly boost your business.


  • Industry: B2B Marketing Agency
  • Business size: 30 team members

The problem

Initially, the company relied on Amazon Web Services with WHM and cPanel on CloudLinux for hosting services. Despite efficient resource allocation and software flexibility, they hit a major roadblock.

Our big clients with high-traffic websites started having issues. We kept getting these recurring ‘resource limit exceeded’ errors. Imagine trying to fill up a cup with a fire hose – that’s how overwhelmed our servers were. The lack of efficient caching, CDN, and backup clusters worsened the problem.”

Custom Media reached the breaking point when an automated system upgrade led to a catastrophic 48-hour server downtime that put everything on the line.

The solution

Faced with the looming threat of another catastrophic server crash, Custom Media made a pivotal decision: to migrate to Kinsta’s Managed WordPress hosting.

Custom Media didn’t want to take a chance. A second major server crash could put them out of business. So, they were determined to find a managed WordPress host. After careful consideration, Kinsta came out on top. Why?

Custom Media chose Kinsta for its reliable hosting that could handle their growing needs and high traffic.

Every WordPress plan at Kinsta includes over $300 worth of premium features. The list includes daily backups, caching, CDN, and 24/7 support– everything they were looking for. Brian shares how Kinsta has saved them time and resources while streamlining their operations:

“When we had our new PHP developer, we couldn’t believe how seamless the experience was. He found the 24/7 expert support very helpful during his initial onboarding. The MyKinsta dashboard is so easy to use that it has simplified our team’s workflow.”

“One of our most notable success stories was a project with West Canada Homes, a company that builds luxury homes in Niseko. In addition to creating a new logo, marketing materials, and coffee table book, we created a custom new website showcasing their outstanding properties. We’re proud to host this site on Kinsta.

The result

Before Kinsta, we were dealing with downtime and problem after problem with our websites. But now, with Kinsta as our partner, we no longer have to worry about technical issues. We can now focus on delivering the high-quality service we promise our customers.

“Our clients, especially those with larger websites, immediately noticed remarkable changes. Not only were they faster, but our clients found that their sites were easier to manage and more responsive. It was a clear win for their experience. This has had a positive impact on our overall website performance,” said Brian.

With Kinsta’s 99.9% uptime guarantee, Custom Media is confident they are in good hands. Hosting with Kinsta means their sites are built on a container-based infrastructure powered by Google Cloud Platform’s fastest machines and Cloudflare, ensuring enterprise-level security and performance.

Custom Media has saved a lot of effort that would have gone into managing these systems, with Kinsta handling the technical side. This allowed them to focus on their core strengths in marketing and storytelling while confidently relying on Kinsta for technical expertise and support.

Expanding client offerings

With MyKinsta dashboard and Kinsta’s APM tool, Custom Media is able to manage resources more effectively. They now provide custom hosting packages based on each client’s website traffic and disk space needs, a customization level not possible with their previous host.

By using Kinsta’s managed WordPress hosting, which includes special features like caching and CDN, Custom Media has improved what they offer to their clients. This partnership has made their work easier, reduced their workload, and given them more confidence in their client relationships. Custom Media has been able to add more services and work more efficiently, doing more with less.

Now, they can concentrate on other vital parts of their business and better meet a wide range of client needs and preferences.

The conclusion

Custom Media’s migration to Kinsta boosted its reputation as a leading B2B marketing agency in Japan. With Kinsta’s managed WordPress hosting, they’ve fixed critical technical issues, resulting in 20% faster sites and a 10% increase in revenue. With a powerful infrastructure backing up its platform, Custom Media can focus on its core mission of bridging Japan to international markets.

For unmatched reliability and exceptional support in hosting, Kinsta is the go-to choice.