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How to Protect Images On Your Site (+ What To Do After Theft)

Image theft and copying have become a huge problem on the web. Check out how to protect images on your site, find copied images, and what to do abo...

Top 10 WordPress Quiz Plugins to Increase Engagement

Integrating quizzes on your site can increase engagement and social shares. Check out these top 10 WordPress quiz plugins to get up and going.

Kinsta Kingpin: Interview with Joe Howard

Check out our interview with Joe Howard; head buff at WP Buffs, a WordPress maintenance company with care plans for serious website owners.

How to Stop a DDoS Attack in Its Tracks (Case Study)

Check out these tips on how to stop a DDoS attack on your site. We took a site which was hit with 5,110,00 requests in 7 days and brought it back t...

Kinsta Kingpin: Interview with Michael Hebenstreit

Check out our interview with Michael Hebenstreit; owner and developer at MH Themes, a premium WordPress theme shop popular for its magazine themes.

Kinsta Kingpin: Interview with Ionut Neagu

Check out our interview with Ionut Neagu; co-founder of Themeisle and founder of codeinwp, where they code and build WordPress themes and plugins.

Why You Should Be Using Supported PHP Versions

Supported PHP versions (especially PHP 7 and higher) offer security enhancements, performance benefits, and all around better developer features.

How to Fix “Specify a Vary: Accept-Encoding Header” Warning

Find out how to fix the "Specify a Vary: Accept-Encoding Header" warning on your WordPress site that you see in Pingdom, GTmetrix, and PageSpeed In...

Important Changes – Disqus Ads Are No Longer Free to Disable

WordPress users now have to pay a monthly fee to remove Disqus ads from their comments. Click here to learn more about these changes and some alter...

Lowdown on Google Mobile Popup Penalty for WordPress Users

Make sure you get rid of those popups, welcome mats, and invasive interstitials, otherwise you could lose traffic to the Google mobile popup penalty.

2016 Year in Review – Kinsta Insights

2016 has been an extremely exciting and busy year here at Kinsta. Check out our year in review post to see our progress and what's in store for 2017.

Free SSL Hosting From Kinsta With Let’s Encrypt Integration

Kinsta now offers a one-click and automated integration with Let's Encrypt. This means free SSL hosting and certificates for all of your WordPress...