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WordPress Events – How to Create Them with Code and Plugins

Hosting or participating in events can be a smart marketing strategy. Check out different ways you can add WordPress events to your website.

What Is a Trackback?

What is a trackback? A trackback is a way to manually notify older blogging systems that you have linked to one of their posts. Click here to learn...

How to Redirect HTTP to HTTPS in WordPress

More and more people are migrating to HTTPS due to better security, SEO, and performance. Follow our tutorial on how to redirect HTTP to HTTPS in W...

The History of WordPress, its Ecosystem and Community

An in-depth look at the history of WordPress the most popular CMS system. Who made it possible? What companies make millions with it?

WordPress Communities Around the World

What makes WordPress powerful? No doubt, its community! The developers, contributors, and WordCamp organizers make this open source platform more u...

WordPress Revolution with GraphQL

GraphQL represents the dawn of a new age in web & application development & it'll most likely put all WordPress REST APIs in the world out of work...

Kinsta Kingpin: Interview With Nikhil Vimal From TechVoltz

Nikhim Vimal runs TechVoltz, a product focused WordPress agency. This is our interview with him.

Top 15 WordPress Download Manager Plugins

Trying to manage file downloads on your WordPress website? Here's a list of the top 15 WordPress download manager plugins to get you started.

What is Kinsta’s WordPress Temporary URL?

Use this page to learn about Kinsta's WordPress temporary URL which allows you to immediately access it even before you point your own domain at it.

Joomla vs WordPress – Which One is Better? (Pros and Cons)

Struggling to choose between Joomla vs WordPress? We'll dig into each content management system, its pros and cons, as well as how easy it is to bu...

How to Create Anchor Links in WordPress (4 Easy Methods)

Anchor links help improve the user experience and also gives you an advantage in SERPs. Check out four methods on how to create anchor links in Wor...

How to Add a WordPress Image Caption

Learn how to add WordPress image captions, as well as more advanced uses like adding captions to gallery images, featured images, and more.