Client country: United States

Snowmad Digital specializes in the wedding venue industry and has established a reputation for delivering significant online traffic and bookings for its clients. Their exclusive partnerships in each region have helped them provide exceptional services to over 70 satisfied clients.

Snowmad Digital’s expertise in SEO and SEM has enabled its clients to achieve remarkable results. For instance, Paniolo Ranch experienced a 348% increase in conversions, and Alexander Homestead attributed 92% of the conversions to Snowmad Digital’s work. Some clients have earned from $150,000 to $180,000 with just their services alone.

Discover how Elizabeth Nelson, founder of Snowmad Digital, partnered with Kinsta to provide her clients with better SEO, financial benefits, and a stress-free hosting experience.


  • Industry: Digital Marketing Agency
  • Business size: 1-3 team members

The problem

Elizabeth Nelson’s previous experience with her web hosting provider was fraught with challenges. She described it as a “toxic relationship” because despite referring over 100 clients, she saw very little in return from it.

Her past hosting provider relied on several buggy plugins, often leading to website downtime. Soon, Elizabeth was overwhelmed by the constant need to fix these problems. She recounted the extent of the problem saying:

I didn’t realize how bad it was until I started counting how many hours a month I was spending fixing problems.

The situation reached a critical point when a wedding planner client’s website was mistakenly redirected to an inappropriate site. Her previous hosting provider offered no help or refund and blamed Cloudflare for the fiasco.

This ongoing battle took a toll on Elizabeth and her team. They realized it was time to find a new hosting solution.

The solution

To improve its search engine rankings and get more customers, Snowmad Digital carefully evaluated various web hosting options. They decided to switch to a provider that could offer fast-loading sites with robust security measures.

Brian Jackson, founder of Perfmatters & Forgemedia, recommended Kinsta as the best option for Snowmad Digital. Elizabeth was impressed! She shared:

When I saw what Kinsta had to offer, I was so impressed and knew right away that it was a HUGE improvement over what I was currently using.

Kinsta offers up to $240 worth of built-in features. This eliminates the need to use multiple plugins to achieve the same result. Using fewer plugins results in a faster and more streamlined website, which is ideal for SEO.

Snowmad Digital landing page
Landing page of Snowmad Digital

“My goals were to achieve faster sites, reduce the number of plugins that could be potential security threats, get better support, and get paid for my work since I was already doing the site support after the sites were built,” explained Elizabeth.

With Kinsta, Elizabeth is able to achieve all of these goals and provide a better experience for her clients.

Powerful managed WordPress hosting

Kinsta’s built-in premium features, such as Kinsta CDN, GCP’s fastest servers, and 99.9% uptime SLA intrigued her. The transition to Kinsta was a pivotal moment for Snowmad Digital, and Elizabeth worked closely with Kinsta’s support team to ensure a smooth migration process.

Her initial impressions of Kinsta’s offerings matched her expectations and marked the beginning of a promising new partnership for Snowmad Digital.

Worry-free migration process

One of the biggest hurdles in moving to a new hosting service was the need to transfer large amounts of data without affecting the live sites. Kinsta’s experts assisted in creating a detailed migration plan that included staging environments to test the sites before going live on the new host.

Following the move, Elizabeth immediately noticed a dramatic increase in site speed, attributed to Kinsta sites built over the Google Cloud Platform’s faster servers and premium tier network. Additionally, Kinsta’s hassle-free CDN, which boasts over 260 locations, played a significant role. Kinsta customers have experienced up to 200% faster websites after switching to Kinsta.

24/7 expert support and integrated tools

Elizabeth also highlights the user-friendly interface of the MyKinsta dashboard, which has made site management much more efficient for her team.

MyKinsta dashboard
MyKinsta dashboard

Customer service interactions have been an outstanding aspect of her experience with Kinsta. Whenever Elizabeth encountered problems or had questions, she emphasized that the response from Kinsta’s 24/7 support team was always quick and helpful – a refreshing change from her previous experiences.

Value for money

According to Elizabeth, investing in Kinsta is a financially wise decision. The fast-loading pages, stronger security protocols, and exceptional customer support have all proven beneficial. It has improved the performance of her clients’ sites and led to a more seamless management process, allowing her to focus on growing her business.

The result

Snowmad Digital’s clients have seen sales increase up to 348% with fast, secure and reliable websites powered by Kinsta. Some earn up to $180,000 per month. And by combining powerful hosting and solid marketing strategies, Snowmad Digital’s customer base has grown by 450%.

Elizabeth’s journey started small with 10 clients on a 20-site plan, then to a Custom 60-site plan, and now with another upgrade on the horizon as she’s reached her 55th client. With Kinsta’s managed WordPress hosting, she could focus on growing Snowmad Digital without worrying about technical issues.

Snowmad Digital Paniolo Ranch case study
Paniolo Ranch case study of Snowmad Digital

“The biggest milestone for me was going from being a glorified freelancer to overseeing everything and making that big transition without losing any of the quality of service we provide.”

Improved SEO with high-performance hosting

“Kinsta has given me complete control from start to finish and has allowed me to provide my clients with the best possible experience. There have even been times when switching my clients to Kinsta and enforcing HTTPS alone have improved their site’s keyword placement and increased their ranking.”

Since search engines like Google use page speed as a key factor for rankings, the faster load times provided by Kinsta have led to higher search rankings. This is crucial for competitive keywords, where a small edge can lead to significant improvements.

“Ever since Kinsta made some improvements to my website, like faster loading times, SSL security, and other remarkable features, I’ve seen a drop in website issues. This boosted my client sites’ SEO, a key service I offer to my clients on a monthly basis. Thanks to the time saved, I can now provide more meaningful work for my clients. It allowed me to serve them better.”

With HTTP/3 support, wildcard SSLs, and DDoS protection from Kinsta’s Cloudflare integration, Elizabeth is confident in the security of her clients’ sites. And because secure sites also help with Google rankings, her clients have seen higher keyword rankings, more user trust, and better conversion rates since switching to Kinsta.

Maximizing return on investment

After migrating to Kinsta, Snowmad Digital saw a significant improvement in its financial figures. The fast, reliable, and secure hosting from Kinsta meant the agency could spend less on fixing and maintaining its client sites.

This allowed them to redirect funds into growing the business and stepping up their marketing efforts, which in turn brought in more revenue. For Snowmad Digital, investing in Kinsta really paid off.

I’m happy to say that my sites rarely go down or go out of service, which saves me many hours.

With less need to fix the site and deal with downtime, Snowmad Digital could use its resources more effectively, saving more in the long run. Its many benefits, such as better site performance, improved SEO, and 24/7 support, were worth every penny compared to her previous hosting provider.

Stress-free hosting with reliable expert support

With Kinsta handling the technical side of hosting, Elizabeth and her team can concentrate their creative and mental efforts on delivering quality services to their clients. And with a team of Kinsta experts supporting Snowmad Digital, Elizabeth feels confident in expanding her client base without sacrificing quality.

Elizabeth describes Kinsta’s service as “super fast website hosting with the best support team in the world.” She explains:

Whenever I have a problem launching a website, managing redirects, or encountering errors, I have an entire team to help me with any issue I face. I’m so grateful that I don’t have to go through the stress of waiting for days, sending multiple emails, or being mistreated for asking questions. It is such a relief to have such a supportive team by my side.

The conclusion

Kinsta has helped Elizabeth reach Snowmad Digital’s goals by cutting down on expenses, boosting income, and making better use of resources. With Kinsta’s solid reputation for premium quality and reliability, Elizabeth is confident that investing in Kinsta’s hosting services is making a real difference for Snowmad Digital.

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