Two important rules

The two rules below must always be taken into account. Following this section, whenever we talk about paying or approving referrals we presume that the affiliate is in good standing and the referral in question is active - unless otherwise stated.

Good standing

This is a rule above all else: commissions will only be paid to affiliates in good standing. It is Kinsta Ltd's sole discretion to determine an affiliate's standing.

Active referrals

Commissions are only approved for active referrals. A referral is considered active if the customer is not delinquent and the referral contains at least one non-free hosting plan. If a referral does not provide income for two subsequent months they are deactivated.

Code of conduct

We hold our services to the highest level of professionalism. This includes the affiliate system and our affiliates as well. The following behavior is prohibited and will lead to immediate account supension and/or temination.

  • Self referrals: You may not refer yourself or your operation to Kinsta in any way.
  • Use of unapproved materials: You may only use materials approved by Kinsta for promotional purposes. This especially (but not limited to) includes logos.
  • Misrepresentation of services: You may not misrepresent the spirit of Kinsta. This includes (but is not limited to) misleading customers, providing non-existent discounts, falsely stating plan or other information.
  • Usage of coupon sites: You may not add your affiliate links to coupon sites under any circumstances.
  • Violation of advertising regulations: We have strict regulations in place about what we deem innapropriate advertising. Please refer to the Inappropriate Advertising section below.
  • Recent past referrals: You will not be paid any commission for introducing parties that have in the previous 3 months been a subscriber for our services on any level of plan.

Inappropriate Advertising

The ways of advertising that Kinsta finds inappropriate include, but are not limited to:

  • Using any illegal or spam method of advertising like unsolicited email, unauthorized placing of the link in forums, comments, newsgroups, message boards, social media sites etc. Kinsta will not tolerate any form of spam or unsolicited email.
  • Bidding (in regards to online advertising) on keywords and phrases containing trademarks, service marks, registered trademarks, registered URLs (or any variations, abbreviations, or misspellings of same on Pay per Click or Pay per Impression campaign) of Kinsta. The Affiliate is not allowed to use or Kinsta’s trademarked name in a URL or in online advertising.
  • Using traffic generated by pay to read, pay to click, banner exchanges, click exchanges, PPC advertising, pop-up/under, or similar methods.
  • Providing cash backs, rewards or any other kind of incentives to obtain the sale without prior approval of Kinsta.
  • Using Kinsta advertising materials, trademark or name in a way that is deteriorating for Kinsta's image. This includes creating any type of online social presence, such as a Facebook page or Twitter profile impersonating Kinsta.
  • Using iframes or any other techniques or technology that places your Affiliate tracking cookie by any means other than an actual click-through.
  • Using link cloaking, or masking techniques or technology, with the goal to promote Kinsta on websites and/or networks not explicitly mentioned in the affiliate profile and to hide that traffic source.
  • The Affiliate’s domain name(s) must NOT contain keywords and phrases containing the kinsta's trademark or any other variations or misspellings confusingly similar to Kinsta's trademark, name or domain name.

Tracking Cookies

Potential referrals are tracked via cookies which are set to a 60 day expiration.

We do not offer multi-level commissions. If a cookie is set to an affiliate it will remain set to that affiliate until the cookie's lifespan.

Referrals can only be added to affiliates based on our cookies. Should a user delete their cookies, sign up from a different browser, have javascript disabled or circumvent our tracking system in any other way, we can not consider that customer as a referral

Approved and paid commissions

Approved commissions are commissions which are due to be paid to affiliates but have not been transferred yet. Paid commissions are commissions which have been approved and subsequently paid.

Approved commissions are always due and will be paid, regardless of a referral's status. If a commission is approved and subsequently the referralbecomes inactive, the commission is still to be paid.

The only events which would prevent an approved commission from being paid are:

  • Fraud committed by the referred customer
  • The affiliate loosing good standing in Kinsta’s reasonable opinion

Kinsta charges VAT (Value-Added Tax) for sales to EU residents and EU based companies. The Affiliate expressly agrees that commision is paid based on the prices featured on the website - exclusive of VAT.


The currency used throughout this documentation and within the affiliate system is the United States Dollar (USD). All amounts are calculated and paid to affiliates in USD.

When are commissions due?

The Kinsta Affiliate system offers one-time commissions and recurring commissions after referrals referred by affiliates. Kinsta’s decision on all matters in relation to the calculation of one-time and recurring commissions is final and will be made in accordance with these rules.

One-time commissions

One-time commissions are approved once for each referral when all the following are true at once:

  • The affiliate is in good standing
  • The referral's status is active (not past due, canceled or any other status)
  • At least 2 months have passed since the referral was started
When is a referral started?

A referral is first started when a paid hosting plan is added to it. If the referral becomes inactive for more than 48 hours and subsequently becomes active the started date is reset to the new time.

Recurring commissions

Recurring commissions are approved each subsequent month after the approval time of the one-time commission, when all the following are true at once:

  • The affiliate is in good standing
  • The referral's status is active (not past due, canceled or any other status)
How to calculate 2 months

When adding 2 months to a date you simply add two months and if the ending month is shorter than the starting month you take the last day of the ending month.

  • If a referral is first paid for on the 12th of March the estimated time of one-time commission approval would be the 12th of May.
  • If a referral is first paid for on the 9th of September the estimated approval for the one-time commission would be the 9th of November.
  • If a referral is first paid on the 30th of December, the estimated approval for the one-time commission would be the 29th of February for leap years, the 28th of February for other years.

How much commissions are due?

Commissions are a factor of the income Kinsta receives from them and the commission rate.

One-time commissions

When the conditions for the one-time commission are met we calculate the commission and approve it. The amount depends on the net amount the customer has spent on their hosting plan in the 2 month period.

Customer spent Commission approved
Less than $50 $0
$50 - $99.99 $50
$100 - $165.99 $100
$166 - $999.99 $150
$1,000 or higher $500

The following table shows how much one-time commission we approve on each of our plans, provided that all criteria are met and no upgrades/downgrades occur and no additional discounts are added.

Referral plan Commission approved
Starter $50
Pro $100
Business 1 $150
Business 2 $150
Business 3 $150
Business 4 $150
Enterprise 1 $500
Enterprise 2 $500

Recurring commissions

When the conditions for the recurring commission are met we calculate the commission and approve it. The amount depends on the net amount the customer has spent on their hosting plan.

We add up the users net spending on their hosting plan and use the 10% commission rate to calculate your commission.


The customer is on a Business 2 plan which was active throughout the period.


The customer was on a Business 1 plan which was upgraded to Business 2, 4 days into the period.


The customer was on a Business 4 plan which was downgraded to Business 2, 17 days into the period.


The customer was on a Business 2 plan which was upgraded to Enterprise 1, 11 days into the period. After another 9 days the customer decided to downgrade to Business 4.


A customer is on our Business 2 monthly plan. 6 days into the period the subscription is upgraded to a Business 3 yearly plan.

When switching between billing intervals periods may become shorter. The above example actually creates a 6 day period - for which commission is calculated as usual. The Business 3 yearly plan upgrader starts a new period which will end - as usual - after one month. Therefore, the example above creates two periods.

Calculations are based on seconds

In the examples above we have calculated in days to make things clearer. In reality our system works on a seconds basis. All durations are seconds-based and commissions are prorated to the second. This ensures that affiliates receive commissions for each second a subscription is active.

When are commissions paid?

Commissions are paid between the 15th and the 20th each month. All outstanding balances above $50 are paid via PayPal.

Balances below $50 will remain on the affiliate's account until the balance reaches or surpasses $50 at which point we will pay the balance in full during the next payment cycle.

Fraud policy

We do our utmost to prevent fraud using our own methods and Stripe. However, in some cases credit card fraud is detected. The rules we apply when this happens are the same as above: affiliate payments always follow income.

Thus, if fraud is detected and we are obligated to return money to the victim of the fraud we will also retroactively recalculate affiliate commissions.

In cases of fraud affiliates do not have to return affiliate commissions, but we will deduct them from their total approved commissions.


The customer signed up for a Business 2 plan. After 59 days the one-time commission of $150 was approved and paid to the affiliate. After another 30 days the first recurring commission of $20 was approved and paid.

A couple of days afterwards we were notified of credit card fraud. Complying with bank regulations, we refunded $800 to the card owner who was a victim of the fraud. The total affiliate commission paid for the subscription was $170, which we deduct from the affiliate's balance.

The affiliate has two other subscriptions, neither has had the one-time commission approved yet. At this stage the affiliate will have a balance of -$170. This amount is not due but we will only pay commissions to the affiliate when the balance is above $50.

After 10 days one of the two subscriptiosn reaches its one-time commission date and $150 is approved. The affiliate now has a balance of -$20. After another couple of days the second subscription also reaches its one-time commission date and another $150 is approved. The affiliate now has a balance of $130 which will be paid shortly after.


We reserve the right to withdraw the Kinsta affiliate system at any time on giving 3 months’ notice to all affiliates; at the expiry of such period the affiliate system shall cease to apply for all new subscriptions started thereafter; all active subscriptions existing at the time of such expiry shall continue to attract commission in accordance with these rules, but no new referrals introduced after such period has expired shall attract commissions for the affiliate.

Limited Liability

In no event shall Kinsta be liable to you for any loss of business, contracts, profits or anticipated savings or for any other indirect or consequential or economic loss whatsoever. Kinsta is not responsible for any damages that may be suffered by the Affiliate, including loss of data resulting from coding issues, non-deliveries or service interruptions by any cause or errors or omissions of the Affiliate.


Kinsta may make changes to the materials contained on its website at any time without notice. Kinsta Ltd does not, however, make any commitment to update the materials.


All communications under these rules must be in writing and sent either by pre-paid post to the party at the last known address or as may be notified in accordance with this provision or sent by e-mail to a current e-mail contact address of the party to be served. Such notices shall be deemed duly served and received within 3 days if sent by pre-paid post or on the day of transmission if sent by e-mail on a weekday between 9am and 5pm, provided no “not delivered” or similar response is received, otherwise notices sent by e-mail outside these days/times shall be deemed served on the next succeeding weekday.


You must keep all information about Kinsta and its business and operations that you come into contact with hereunder completely confidential and maintain the security of such information at least to the level that you maintain for your own confidential information. All your employees and agents that are required to have access to such information must be informed of its confidential nature and required to maintain such confidentiality. Such information may only be disclosed to professional advisors under a duty of confidentiality, regulatory authorities requiring access, or as otherwise required by law; where possible, you shall inform Kinsta if such disclosure is required by law to be disclosed in advance of such disclosure or if not permitted, as soon as possible thereafter.

Governing law

These rules shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and both parties hereby submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of these courts.