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Top 12 WordPress CRM Plugins to Supercharge Your Business

Customer Relationship Management (or CRM) isn’t a new idea. Despite becoming popular in the 90s, some people still think of it as simply a glorified contact list. But CRM is so much more than that.

Using The WordPress HTTP API

One of the things I love about WordPress is all the tools it gives you. Some of these are well known and much-used, like the options and meta APIs. Some are under-utilized, even though they provide great functionality which could make our lives so much easier. Today I’ll be looking at one of these, the HTTP API.

12 Best Crowdfunding Options for Your WordPress Website

If you’re in the middle of a fundraiser, there are few better ways to reach a wide audience and raise more money with Internet crowdfunding. Thanks to certain WordPress plugins and themes, it’s now easier than ever to set up a crowdfunding website in almost no time at all.

WordPress Q&A Plugin – Best Question and Answer Plugins

Looking for the right WordPress Q&A plugin to turn your blog or site into a Q&A powerhouse? Here’s an in-depth look at the 6 of the most popular Q&A WordPress plugins.

Top 13 WordPress Download Manager Plugins

Here’s a list of 13 great WordPress download manager plugins (free and premium) that help you manage file downloads on WordPress.

WooCommerce Tutorial – How to Set It up on Your Website

WooCommerce is by far and away the most popular free ecommerce solution for WordPress. Here’s a comprehensive tutorial to setting up WooCommerce that investigates each and every one of the plugin’s nooks and crannies.

Independent Reviews of Kinsta

The web hosting industry is unfortunately full of fake reviews because affiliates will say anything to get you to sign up with one of their partners …

How We Got Our Stripe Account Back

Recently our Stripe account (the one we use to process credit card payments) was shut down in the middle of the night without fair notice. We tried to reach support, or anyone at Stripe, with no luck. After deciding to write it down as a loss, look for a new partner and share our experience in a blog post they quickly reached out to us and did everything to win back our trust.

BuddyPress, bbPress and GlotPress Development Crowdfunding Campaign

John James Jacoby (JJJ) launched a campaign on Indiegogo two days ago to raise money to fund his full-time work of six months on three sister projects of WordPress: BuddyPress, bbPress and GlotPress. The purpose of the campaign is to reach the goal of $50,000 that would make it possible for him to work on the aforementioned three projects.

Why Should Startups Avoid Stripe?

We’ve been thinking about starting a blog series where we share our experiences about the early days of our hosting startup company. The hosting industry is infamous for not being transparent, that needs to change. Today we got the final push to do it when we received an email from Stripe, our credit card processing company, that we’re kicked out of their service, effective immediately. In the middle of the night. With no fair notice.

Startup Framework for WordPress – Speed Up Your WorkFlow

One of the reasons for WordPress’s undiminished success might be that it’s for everyone. Really. More solutions are born day after day with the aim to improve user experience and facilitate the use of the platform. Now, it’s possible to set up a website without the need of knowing a line of code. Let’s explore one of the coolest ways of setting up a site with Designmodo’s Startup Framework for WordPress!

WordPress Infographic – The World Of WordPress 2018

We put together an infographic about the current state of WordPress. WordPress now powers over 26% of all websites on the internet. This infographic is backed with a lot of data and famous quotes from the creators of the most popular CMS package! If you find it worthy, please share!