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Kinsta Kingpin: Interview With Piotr Pawlak

Piotr Pawlak is the CEO at Kinetise, a web-based platform that empowers anyone to easily build custom mobile apps for the iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone devices using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

How to Fix the Leverage Browser Caching Warning in WordPress

Check out our in-depth tutorial below on how to fix the annoying leverage browser caching warning on your WordPress site. Most likely you are seeing this when running your site through Google PageSpeed Insights or Pingdom. There are a few different ways to resolve this warning.

How to Speed up WordPress Comments

Have you ever noticed that your most popular blog posts – the ones that trigger an avalanche of comments – take a little longer to load? …

A Complete Guide and List of HTTP Status Codes

HTTP status codes are like a short note from the web server that gets tacked onto the top of a web page. It’s not actually part of …

How to Easily Build a Pricing Table in WordPress

When it comes to turning website visitors into buyers, one of the best things you can do is help them choose the right option for their …

Kinsta Hires Brian Jackson to Help With Inbound Strategy

Kinsta is excited to welcome Brian Jackson as our new inbound marketing director. He will be helping us with our online marketing strategies, technical SEO, content creation, and community outreach.

wp-config.php File – An In-Depth View on How to Configure WordPress

Database connection, security settings and advanced features: let’s dive deep into wp-config.php file to set-up WordPress at its best

WordPress GIFs – How to Use Them On Your Website

Using multimedia content in your blog posts can result in more shares, more backlinks, more conversions, and more of anything else that you’re looking to achieve. …

WordPress Redirect – Best Practices For Faster Performance

There is a WordPress redirect functionality built into core which is designed to catch wrong URLS. When an incorrect URL is requested, WordPress tries to locate …

You Need to Spend Money to Make Money from Your Website

No matter how many times you multiply a zero, the grand total of all multiplications will always be zero. Similarly, you cannot make money with zero …

How to Implement WordPress Lazy Load on Images and Videos

The average web pages weight in at 3719 kB with images and videos making up nearly 78% of the total weight according to the HTTP Archive. …

Building Efficient WordPress Queries with WP_Query

When traffic and content are limited, we don’t care about query speed. But when site content grows up to thousands of posts, we must consider the query execution time. In this post I will focus on those parameters provided by the WP_Query class specifically to optimize the SQL queries, reducing execution time and resource consumption.