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Kinsta Kingpin: Interview with Mario Peshev

Check out our interview with Mario Peshev, CEO at DevriX, a WordPress development and design agency partner who can help grow all aspects of your b...

8 Lesser-Known (But Useful) WordPress Performance Plugins

Check out these 8 lesser-known WordPress performance plugins that can help you troubleshoot bad plugins or code and increase the speed of your site.

How to Reduce TTFB to Improve WordPress Page Load Times

Check out some of these easy ways to reduce TTFB on your WordPress site. Fast hosting, utilizing a CDN, caching, and DNS all come into play.

Kinsta Kingpin: Interview with Maura Teal

Check out our interview with Maura Teal, web developer at FanSided, part of a WordPress Multisite network of 360+ sites serving over a million user...

A Developer’s Introduction to the Twenty Seventeen Theme

Five small tutorials aiming to help developers and advanced users get the most from the default Twenty Seventeen theme in WordPress 4.7.

Lowdown on Google Mobile Popup Penalty for WordPress Users

Make sure you get rid of those popups, welcome mats, and invasive interstitials, otherwise you could lose traffic to the Google mobile popup penalty.

4 Simple Ways to Set up Stripe for WordPress

Whether you have a basic site, form, WooCommerce, or EDD, you can start accepting credit cards. Check out these 4 simple ways to setup Stripe for W...

Kinsta Kingpin: Interview with Puneet Sahalot

Check out our interview with Puneet Sahalot, Founder and Creative Head at IdeaBox, an exclusive WordPress design and development agency.

Ultimate Conversion Tracking Guide for WordPress

Check out our ultimate conversion tracking guide for WordPress. How to track Twitter ads, Facebook ads, and AdWords on a basic site, WooCommerce, a...

A Look at the New Amazon Associates Link Builder for WordPress

The new Amazon Associates Link Builder is Amazon's official WordPress plugin that provides an easy way to monetize content by linking to items on A...

How to Set up Free WordPress Push Notifications and Get 2,500+ Visitors/Month

Push notifications typically have a high CTR and can be a great way to get return visitors. Check out how to set up free WordPress push notifications.

2016 Year in Review – Kinsta Insights

2016 has been an extremely exciting and busy year here at Kinsta. Check out our year in review post to see our progress and what's in store for 2017.