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A Complete Guide and List of HTTP Status Codes

This tutorial introduces a list of HTTP status codes and explains what they reveal about what's happening on the server and what you can do to fix...

How to Easily Build a Pricing Table in WordPress

Pricing tables can help add value and increase conversion rates. Learn how to build a pricing table in WordPress from scratch and with recommended...

Kinsta Hires Brian Jackson to Help With Inbound Strategy

Kinsta is excited to welcome Brian Jackson as our new inbound marketer director. He will be helping us with our marketing strategies, SEO, and outr...

wp-config.php File – An In-Depth View on How to Configure WordPress

In this tutorial, we show you all the basic, most common and advanced features you can define and edit in your WordPress site's wp-config.php file.

WordPress GIFs – How to Use Them On Your Website

Using GIFs can increase your site's visual interest and conversions. What about WordPress GIFs? Find out easy ways to add them on your WordPress site.

WordPress Redirect – Best Practices For Faster Performance

Redirects have a huge impact on page load speed. We'll show you the best practices and the most popular WordPress redirect plugins you can use.

How to Implement WordPress Lazy Load on Images and Videos

Check out our step-by-step tutorial on how to implement WordPress lazy load on images and videos. This can help boost performance and save resources.

Building Efficient WordPress Queries with WP_Query

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to use the WP_Query class specifically to optimize the SQL queries, reducing execution time and resource consu...

How to Eliminate Render-Blocking JavaScript and CSS

Find out how to reduce and eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS using the best WordPress plugins. Get rid of those PageSpeed Insights warni...

Best WooCommerce Payment Gateways for WordPress

eCommerce in WordPress can be easy. We show you the pros and cons of the best WooCommerce payment gateways solutions including PayPal, Braintree &...

How to Connect via SSH to Your Server

SSH is a great tool for developers. We'll show you how to connect via SSH to your server & use WP-CLI commands to manage your WordPress sites.

We’re Revolutionizing Managed WordPress Hosting With Google Cloud

We're introducing our revamped managed WordPress hosting infrastructure proudly powered by the Google Cloud Platform and LXD containers.